29 March 2015

FASHION | Hip to be Square: Is the alternative look that attractive?

The last decade has a seen a prominent rise in the Hipster generation – but whatever you do, don’t call them hipsters.

As far as a fashion trend goes, it can only be comparable to marmite. On one side you have a huge brigade of followers seeing the style as being cool, quirky and modern, whereas the others see wearing outrageous jumpers and growing long beard as being pretentious, fake and utterly unfashionable.

The original brand of hipsters deviated away from what was classed as normally, choosing the more obscure haircuts, items of clothing and even their coffee. But futurologist Chris Sanderson believes the trend has become so mainstream the word no longer stays true to its roots, stating that: “the hipster died the minute we called him a hipster. The word no longer had the same meaning."

Yet with more males taking to growing obscure facial hair, choosing the skin tight jeans over bootleg and browsing the bargain bins in the local charity stores for that vintage look, do women really find hipsters attractive?

In a survey into what makes the “perfect” man, only one in ten women said they were a fan of the new found hipster look, including the vintage clothes and beard combination.

Despite many males regarding certain high street brands as being retro due to it saying ‘made in 1972’ on the front – a trend known as faux vintage – it’s the ‘check my vintage extra-large purple and yellow Reebok sweatshirt from 1984’ hipsters aim for. Over a third of women surveyed said they were attracted towards a suited and booted dapper man, or one who is more in touch with their metrosexual side, rather than the vintage wearing hipster. After all, what is so appealing about a second-hand t-shirt with a controversial statement about Thatcher printed on the front?

It isn’t just the vintage clothes that women are having troubles with, the hair styles and facial fuzz are not winning the hipster many points either. The latest trend for these alternative gentleman is to grow their hair long and place it in a man-bun, or a ‘mun’ for short. However, a whopping 96% of the women asked are avid haters of the style, with many describing it as disgusting. The classic quiff is no longer seen as an attractive cut either as 90% of participants voiced their distaste, yet they were more inclined to the short back and side’s look – a choice picked by over half of the females surveyed. 

The days of women going wild for the Brian Blessed-esque beard seem to be slowly fading away, as the survey revealed only one in seven women classed themselves as avid facial hair fans. Almost half asked prefer a man to be naturally smooth and clean shaven, whereas 12% suggested their perfect man would be so well kept he trimmed and waxed his eyebrows, a feat so farfetched from the hipsters’ grooming regime.

Although the hipster style of vintage clothing and peculiar beards may be seen as the hot new trend, it seems as if women are falling out of love with it just as quick as they fell for it originally. The study has shown us all that females would prefer a suave Don Draper look-a-like, rather than an alternative fashionista.

18 March 2015

FASHION | What to wear for an interview for your dream job?

What to wear for an interview
(1, 2, 3, 4)

You don't realise what a massive role your job plays in your life until you actually get your first full-time job. I work Monday to Friday from 9-5 and based on my calculations I spend more time with my boss than I do with any other person in my life. One would say that seems quite excessive but think about it – based on my (probably poor but let’s round it up) calculations, I spend about 50+ hours at work (including commute) whilst less than 40 being at home fully awake and functional (excluding naps, kips and my usual comatose-like sleeps). Nevertheless, those 40 hours also include all my thinking & pondering about anything and everything work related. Now the point is – you really, really don’t want your full time job to be a pain in the butt. This leads to one and one thing only – if you’re either looking for your first job or are not particularly happy at your current position and have decided to change your career path – do it right. Give your job choice some thought, jot down your aims and ambitions, brain storm your dreams. And then, get your interview right! 

Did you know that it only takes us between one tenth to seven seconds to judge someone? Now what do you think that we notice in that one tenth of a second - someone’s polite behaviour, impeccable English or extensive knowledge of AdSense? No. It will be their personal style and what they’re wearing. Let me give you a few tips on how to nail your interview style-wise. 

Learn about the company!
This doesn’t apply just to selecting your dress code, this applies to your whole interview. The most you know about the company pre-interview, the better. In my experience, just about every interview I’ve ever been on and spent some time learning about the company prior to the interview, it went down fab. The ones where I rushed into the room and knew absolute poop about the company were not only awkward and uncomfortable – they were mainly unsuccessful. Once you know a little bit more about the company, have gone through their employee gallery on their website (if they have one), or just generally had a look at what employees in companies like this one wear, you’ll feel more comfortable with the choice of clothing you’re making. Simples. 

Dress like a boss! 
Now I think it’s needless to say that if you’re going for an interview to be an astronaut, you’re not required to wear a space suit. In fact, wearing a space suit could prove rather counterproductive. The same goes for a nurse, a fire fighter and a plumber. Once someone told me that to be highly regarded at work and to be seen as a striving ambitious individual you should dress for the job role you want to be in, not the one you’re currently in. Doesn’t work in every single industry obviously, but I think there’s more to it than just your every day work attire versus your chance for promotion. When going for an interview, just dress your best. A nice smart two piece with black heels will make you feel (and look) much better than wearing a pair of jeans and flats even if it means you’re well over dressed. Remember, your potential employer will most likely start judging you in less than 7 seconds! 

Get the iron out! 
You can be wearing a £1,000 suit but unless you iron it, you’ll still look like a tramp. That’s a fact. I am terribly guilty of this – ironing (and washing up) is the bane of my life, I’m not gonna lie. But for this one day when you have your interview, you just get over it, get the iron out and do the dirty job. I mean – comparatively, would you rather iron this shirt or land a job you will be dreading to go to every morning? Yeah, I thought so. 

 Now the first impression is sorted (style-wise – also don’t forget to at least brush your teeth and hair, ya know, the minimum to make your face presentable if you’re not the primer-foundation-setting-powder-bronzer-blusher-highlighter-another-highlighter sort of gal), don’t forget that your job’s not finished just yet – now the dreadful 7 seconds have passed, you will have at least next 30 minutes to impress your potential employer that you’re not just a pretty face but also a sophisticated mind with the brain of a prodigy. 

For more inspiration on style and dress code pop over to the Pertemps website where this recruitment specialist offers your an expert advice on how to dress for this or that specific job interview (plus those adorable paper doll illustrations at the top of this post are also Pertemps creation!).

What was your most recent interview experience like?
Did you nail it?

17 March 2015

FASHION | What to look for when investing into a designer purse

Classic wallets

I genuinely believe that pretty much every woman should own a black purse (or a wallet, if you like). Now the question is whether to buy a black purse seasonally (the high street ones tend to be made in line with so called planned obsolescence - read more about the concept here) or to invest in a designer, more costly, however also more durable purse. Let's have a look at a brief run down of questions you should be asking yourself before when investing into a designer purse to avoid impulse shopper regrets.  

One of the key attributes of a purse is its size. What's the size of your every day handbag? Do you plan on carrying your purse as a clutch sometimes? Do you carry a lot of loyalty (or bank) cards? Some purses come in a shape of square, some purses have got slightly different angles and feel less or more comfortable to hold in your hand. For instance in some countries such as in Italy or Czech Republic people carry their ID cards around with them. For some cray cray reason Czech ID cards are the biggest bloody things in the universe and rarely fit into a regular sized purse (I may have cut the edges of mine to into my Michael Kors purse, cough cough).   

Similar questions, very different approach. Even if you're buying your purse from an online store, I do recommend you go to a high street store and have a proper look inside. There's nothing as frustrating as spending £100 on a purse and then realising it doesn't have enough card compartments or no coin section. *the dread* 

Saying that a black purse is the universal solution to your purse prayers is probably pushing it a little too far. There's no such thing as just a black purse. Not only that they come in different types of material - from faux leather to cowhide and exotic leathers such as ostrich - they also come in a ton of different finishes from patent to a snake finish on cowhide. Pick the finish wisely - for instance I know I go through 'patent leather' phases quite often but then I get very quickly bored of it at the same time. Having an every day purse in patent leather can be practical (it's easy to treat for stains etc) but it might not go with say your shoes or a handbag if you never ever wear anything in patent leather in general. See the complexity of buying a purse? Immense!   

Two deal breakers - the brand and the price. There are two camps of people - the ones who care for the brand and don't care for the price. And then the ones who care for the price (possibly looking at budgets here) but don't bother with the brand as much. Both have got their advantages and disadvantages as it goes - if you care for the brand then your search is easier. Plus you probably already have the handbag from the same designer, so it's quite simples! If you care for saving a few pennies and what you're really looking for is a good quality designer purse not necessarily from a headliner collection then it might be slightly more difficult for you but definitely more budget friendly - you might even get a lovely purse for as little as £50.

Now here's a selection of purses from ShopBop. The wallets at ShopBop are honestly gorgeous and you get a good selection of both brands and designs for reasonable prices - and you might even get yourself a bargain when the sale is on! All of the purses in the picture above are from ShopBob. 

What do you think about investing into key fashion pieces?

9 March 2015

BEAUTY | 3 things which make my mornings easier

How time consuming it is to make your long hair look at least half decent every morning! I find it incredibly demanding and even annoying to be honest. Whilst I don't enjoy looking I just rolled out of bed, I also don't enjoy spending an hour making my birds nest look presentable. Sigh. These are the three new hair discoveries which make my mornings a little bit more bearable.   

Redken Pillow Proof dry shampoo (Look Fantastic)
You might remember this post in which I was proclaiming my love for the Umberto Ginannini dry shampoo. It's still ace, and I'm still gonna buy it over Batiste any day. Now recently I've discovered the joys of using Redken Pillow Proof though. Oh my god. I love using it so much. It's not one that would make hair which is dripping oil looking freshly washed (like the UG does) but it's fantastic for those second hair days when you think your hair should still be okay but it just looks a bit meh. Maybe you've been touching it with your hands a bit too much the day before or your fringe just looks a but sloppy. This thing is so lightweight you won't even know you've used it but the results are impressive. Thanks Terri for the introduction!   

Redken Iron Shape thermal protection (Look Fantastic)
I only have a travel size of this thermal protection spray so haven't used it that much but so far so good. It helped me get back to heat protectants because, let me tell you a secret, I've been a little naughty lately and haven't been using them as much as I should have been. Especially since I've been using the heated rollers (read here) quite a bit, oops! Have you tried any Redken products before? Did you like them?  

BaByliss Diamond waves wand (BaByliss)
Now you know how I obsessed I am with the heated rollers, but to be honest, I prefer using them in the evening rather than in the morning which means that if I don't use them in the evening and my hair is a mess when I wake up I'm facing a little trouble. At first I wasn't too impressed with the look of the BaByliss Diamond wand, I'm not gonna lie - the shape makes me giggle a little bit (yeah, yeah, I'm 15 actually). What I like about it though is that for my hair I need 5-10 mins max to curl all my hair and because of the structure of the waves (they are very messy and irregular), it doesn't matter if you miss a little strand or two - it still looks like you did an ace job! BAM! Morning sorted. 

Have you found any new hair products which you just loooove?
Tell me all about them in the comments below! 

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