22 October 2014

FASHION | From the old to the new – upcycled fashion ideas

You don’t need to be rich to be fashionable. Upcycling your old items is a fantastic way of breathing new life into your wardrobe without having to spend much or any money at all. We have put together some of the best upcycled fashion ideas out there for inspiration. 

Old pieces of furniture are a great source of high quality leather with which you can make your own purse or bag out ofLeather belts can also be turned into one off fashion accessories, such as tote bags and bracelets. Or why not upcycle one into a dog collar for your four legged friend so you can both be fashionable, you can find examples of some beautiful collars hereRefab Diaries have collated many more ideas in their article about upcycling old leather belts purses and jackets

Have you got jeans in your wardrobe that you don’t wear anymore? Why not turn them into a stylish and unique jeans handbag? All you need are some basic sewing skills and you’ll have yourself a one of a kind bag for next to nothing. Other ideas include taking neckties you never wear and turning them into a colourful belt, which can be a great way to look unique as well as hold your trousers up, and using old buttons to liven up a new outfit or create cute button rings. For more inspiration visit allfreesewing.com who have a section dedicated to refashioned and upcycled clothes ideas.  

Even old gadgets can be transformed into delightfully geeky accessories; if you’ve got an old camera in the house that nobody uses you can turn the lens into a necklace, or you can take some old floppy disks and make a colourful floppy disk handbag! Old circuit boards also make for excellent jewellery, you can upcycle them into necklaces, earrings or even hairpins. Get inspired by the electronic innards by taking a look at some circuit board jewellery ideas

You can make trendy accessories out of the most mundane items that a lot of people would discard without hesitation, from a bracelet made of plastic bags to a name tag necklace made from an old credit card. Trend Hunter have more unique ideas in their upcycled accessories article, including this stand out broken LP record necklace.

Are you a DIY freak?
Have you tried any of the above projects?




20 October 2014

BOOKS | Beauty books - which one to choose?

Beauty books

You already know that I'm slightly obsessed with books and literature. After all literature would have been the university course of my choice if only it had more lucrative forecast. That shall not stop me from reading books though, reading lots and lots of them. Now there are tons of beauty books out there, but do you know which ones is the one for you? The one you will enjoy reading the most?  

Jemma Kidd - Make-up Masterclass (£15.30, Amazon): Hands down my most favourite type of beauty book. I'm a sucker for beautiful large photographs and stunning make-up and if you're anything like me, you're gonna love this book. Apart from the eye-catching visuals, the Make-up Masterclass also offers a wide spectrum of information about different skin tones, colour matching, tips on application and even mentions evening make-up looks quite a bit.   
Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual & Living Beauty (£17, Amazon£11.99, Amazon): Bobbi Brown is, well, Bobby Brown. Her books (or at least the two books I own), I feel, are for slightly more mature women who enjoy 'natural' make-up. Again, these books feature great visuals and I find Makeup Manual to offer a lot of information on make-up application, similar to Jemma Kidd's Make-up Masterclass. 
Liz Earle - Skin Secrets (£15.99, Liz Earle): Sometimes it's not just about slappin' on tons of make-up. Sometimes you want to understand how to feel (and look) pretty without make-up too. That's what this book's for - it explains what your skin is, what it needs and how to care for it. This books give you a great deal of information on not only skin as such but also on lifestyle, skin conditions, and even food. 
Sali Hughes - Pretty Honest (£22, Waterstones): One of the most recent releases in the beauty book world this book is packed with information. And by packed I mean overflowing with beauty intelligence. There's not much to look at in terms of pretty pictures, but man, the content makes up for it. I love the different take on beauty from chapters on perfumes to chapters on what men want, how to pay and receive compliments and beauty gifts. It almost borders on a style book with a good dash of beauty in it.   

Which one's your favourite beauty book?
Have you read any of the above?

19 October 2014

FASHION | Black duster coat

Black duster coat outfit
dress - Aliexpress (here) // duster coat - New Look (here) // fedora - H&M // boots - Aliexpress (here) // bag - Topshop // watch - E-bay (here)
So the duster coat trend. Yeah, that one. I bloody love it. My feelings towards duster coats are somewhere along the lines of 15 years old goth me, Matrix and bloggy-blog-trendy. Which sounds horrendous but makes someone like me feel well comfortable - even in a dress a touch too short and knee high suede boots a touch too slutty.  

In all honesty, I've been wearing this coat every other day lately. Believe it or not it's from New Look (I know, looks way fancier, right?) and what's absolutely lush about it is that it's made of this really stretchy material (plus I went 2 sizes up) so you can layer on two jumpers under it and it still looks pretty decent (not like you're a chubby bear)! Now New Look got new stock in which means more duster coats - I just can't decide whether to buy a burgundy or a khaki green one, what do you think? This gets even more complicated when I tell you that I can't decide whether to buy a burgundy or a khaki green blazer on the top of the duster coat dilemma, le sigh.

You can also notice how Aliexpress is taking over my wardrobe. Yeah, it's kinda bad. But the monochrome striped dress is super pretty (and was just 8 quid, YES) and the boots are so ridiculously comfortable (and get me compliments, which doesn't happen that often).  

Do you like the duster coat trend or is it just too 80's for you? 

Disclaimed: All photos taken by the super skilled photographer Terri Lowe. She's been blogging about food a lot lately. Nomz! 

Black duster coat outfit

Black duster coat outfit

Black duster coat outfit
The only picture in the whole universe of me laughing. Jeeesus.

18 October 2014

HOME | Making a house your home

The YOU home
So it's actually happening. Oh, you don't know what? Our landlord is a bit of a poon and therefore we decided not to waste any more of our nerves on this flat, pack our little (read frickin' massive) suitcases and move on. This saddens me because I sort of grew to love our flat (it's ridiculously small but we painted the walls, bought all the furniture, shed our blood while we replace the floor in the hallway) but it also gives me a major 'new home' kick.    

I love, love, love (just like every other girl) making a house our home. Although we haven't found the place yet, I've (logically) started shopping for a new place. I'm not a huge fan of mainstream interior design, which is sometimes hard to overcome if you're living in England. Majority of houses in our area have got every room painted in pissy magnolia colour, ideally in combination with pissy magnolia carpet, ridiculously large skirting, the narrowest life-threatening stairs and paper walls. Oh and those noodle-shaped gardens with zero flower beds. Because of all the above, it's sometimes stupidly hard to give your home a bit -of 'you' touch - trust me, you can only combine so many colours with pissy magnolia.   

Now, what is 'our' touch? In terms of interior design style terminology I reckon it is something along the lines of industrial, vintage, Scandinavian and African. You know - exposed light bulbs, old cat tea pots from car boot sales and Justin's lion and elephant decorations with a dash of fur here and there. It's nothing super original and creative but I feel like it's a good balance of Eastern European, South African and English, yaaarr.

The very first area of focus in our new home will be ART. I come from a very arty family so I've been finding it quite hard to live in a small flat with minimum wall space. In my dream house I want to have gallery walls everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Even in the bathroom. In our current flat I've managed to put together a little wall gallery of inspiration people (I've had these images since the dorm room years, oh yes) which I absolutely adore. Anne Frank, Woody Allen, Salvatore Dali, Charles Bukowski ya know - my favourite bunch of people. So far I've bought some prints from Etsy (the prints above are from this seller and they are beyond stunning, and such a good quality!), one of them featuring my favourite Bukowski quote. I've actually bought all three of the prints above, because - a cat in a space suit. Yup. I'm also terribly obsessed with carved cow skulls. Or any skulls really (in the most harmless way possible). I might just get one off Etsy, they've got the best selection of faux taxidermy! Aah, I can't wait to buy more home-y things!!

Also, listen to this song. You'll love it. 

What's your interior design style?
How do you add 'you' style to your home? 
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