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29 July 2014

LIFESTYLE | Mau mau, old maid & Keno

Although on my driving license it might say I’m 25, inside of my head I’m 85. At least. Don’t you ever go to bed at 7 with a warm cup of milk with honey? Don’t you ever go to a park or a caf just to people watch? Don’t you ever spend a whole day reading a book instead of sitting in a beer garden with your mates? I do. *hides face* Perhaps I shouldn’t even admit to this, but apart from having habits of a pensioner, I also collect smelly old books, freaky cat memorabilia & furry throws. At least Justin supports my odd whims by collecting board games.

27 July 2014

BEAUTY | Top 5 tricks on how to keep your make-up on whole day

Makeup revolution fixing spray review, code beautiful mascara review

So I went to a wedding yesterday (I've never been to one before so it was a slightly traumatic experience, but I can assure I am slowly recovering - from both my crying fit over the bride's dress & beauty and the mix of Pimm's, champagne & lager). And apart from it being all lovely & romantic (with a lake full of swans, a 17th century pagoda and a cake bigger than my life), it was also tropically hot. And by tropically I mean I got home, took my dress off & it still looked like it was on because of the ridiculous tan lines. What surprised me though was that even after some 18 hours, my make-up still looked pretty darn good (no word of lie here), even other people complimented me on the personal achievement of keeping my make-up on for so long! Do you want to know how I did it?

25 July 2014

LIFESTYLE | Cookie's got a teepee!

Cookie the cat & cat teepee
So Cookie's got a cat teepee. And my mum made it just for him. I can't even. Well, she has definitely never made a teepee for me! (Just saying, it's not like I'm jealous or anything, tut tut) Either way, this little spoilt brat absolutely adores his new little den & spends hours and hours running around it like a little native American kitten with a feather behind his ear & a buffalo bone tied to his tail. He jumps on it, claws it, meows at it, sleeps in it, hangs at the teepee doorway or spends an afternoon carrying his toys from the teepee to his shark bed (read about the shark bed here) & back. Our little kitty-pup.     

23 July 2014

BEAUTY | Which chubby sticks are the best?

Chubby sticks

Oh no, not another chubby stick blog post! There are so many chubby sticks around that about half of the people seeing this post in their feed won't even click on it. And not only that they won't click on it, they're probably even gonna snort in disgust over yet another chubby stick bloglovin' feed invasion. Do you know, though, which chubby sticks are the best (read: bloody brilliant)?
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