1 September 2014

TRAVEL | London calling


It’s easy to forget what an amazing place London is when you’re sitting in rush hour traffic or crammed between hundreds of people on a tube. While the daily grind can easily become routine, there’s nothing like seeing the city through a fresh pair of eyes. Entertaining visitors from other countries is one of the best ways to break out of the everyday and embrace the extraordinary. For anyone looking to dazzle some out of town guests, here are a few of the city’s best attractions. 

31 August 2014

BEAUTY | An ode to yoghurt

Yoghurt - skin benefits
A yoghurt. Or is it a yogurt? Try to say it 25 times in a row. Yup. It's one of those words that stop making sense sometime after 5th repeat. This blog post ain't a linguistic one, don't ya worry. It's the last one in my 'Au Naturale' quadrilogy, one where I tell you why you should be slappin' loads of yoghurt on your face (and legs)

30 August 2014

LIFESTYLE | Essential oils - which ones to pick?

Wax tarts are like drugs (or pokemons), you get one and you gotta get 'em all (proof #1 & #2). They smell like heaven (or fresh snow/honey glow/vanilla ice cream) and they are not terribly expensive. At least at first sight. I tend to pop into a store with Yankee candles every other week or so and pick up about £5 worth of tarts. Using them sparingly - little chunks at the time, doesn't make it that much of a difference though, I spend at least a tenner (realistically probably twice as much) a month and they are gone oh so quickly! Essential oils, I found out, are quite a smart (and rather obvious - oil burners, doh!) alternative which costs you half the money & does more good to your body than wax tarts (they say). 

29 August 2014

BOOK | Across the universe

Beth Revis Across the Universe book review

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a book review – that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been my usual bookworm self though! Although I’m still obsessive over dystopian heroes, lately I’ve been sliding towards the sci-fi genre a little bit more than usual. If you don’t feel ready to jump straight into something like Solaris, then the dystopian/sci-fi trilogy Across the Universe by Beth Revis might be your comfortable not-too-brutal first call into the sci-fi land.

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