22 November 2014

GIVEAWAY | Win a pair of Nava hair straighteners (open internationally)

Nava hair straighteners

Now you know that my new favourite hair straighteners are from Nava. Yes, I said goodbye to my trusty Cloud 9's, they've been with me for a while (read years) and they served me well, but they needed a replacement. Although not (yet) so well known in the UK, Nava is a brand of the pretty swanky hair straighteners I've talked about in this all-about-my-hair post. The Nava team was so incredibly kind that they agreed to let one of you guys have a pair of Nava hair straighteners (worth £79.99) FOR FREE! Scroll down for more details!

To enter this giveaway, please use Rafflecopter widget below. This giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY. There will be 1 winner only (selected at random by Rafflecopter) and he/she will be contacted by me via e-mail. The prize is 1 hair straightener. The giveaway ends on 14/12/2014

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Read more about Nava hair straighteners and my love for 'em HERE.

Nava hair straighteners
My hair BEFORE and AFTER curling with Nava hair straighteners - crazy ay?!

18 November 2014

BEAUTY | My hair care & hair styling routine (products + hair straighteners)

My hair care and hair styling routine
My hair curled with Nava hair straighteners (you know how dead straight it normally is!)

Hair in general is quite a pain to keep looking nice and put together, especially when it comes to cold windy days like the ones we've been having this past week. This gets twice as painful when your hair is long - and my hair has been growing ridiculously quickly lately, it's definitely time to pop into hairdresser's very very soon! Before that happens, let me show you how I care about my hair and how I style it (the lazy girl's way).  

First of all - I try to keep my hair maintenance routine to minimum - minimum products and minimum time spent styling it. I was my hair twice a week and use Macadamia Flawless cleansing conditioner (full review here). It's a brilliant product which combines shampoo and conditioner in one and makes your hair super shiny and detangled (you can actually run a comb through your hair when it's wet even if you hadn't brushed it before jumping into the shower). For styling I use Wen styling cream which smells like heaven, by the way. I use it on wet hair, just a little pea size amount which I rub into the length and the ends of my hair. Before using heat on my hair I use Carino Miracle oil (super cheap from Aldi, full review is here). Now if I need a touch of extra texture I use Shu Uemura Liquid Fabric texturising spray. It's the only texturising spray I have found that doesn't make my hair sticky and horrible. In addition to these I sometimes use dry shampoo and hairspray - both from the Umberto Giannini range (full review here), which I've been using for almost a year by now and still love them!      

In autumn and winter I enjoy having wearing my hair wavy more than just straight - I feel like straight hair in cold hair looks even flatter and heavier on my head than it would in warmer weather, which is just not a good look on me. So I curl it. I've been using my Cloud 9 hair straighteners for curling for probably over 5 years now (oh the horror, the dread!). Well yes, it was time to replace my trusty old pair with a newer, more swankier pair. It's really hard for me to find a good pair of straighteners though which can handle my coarse hair. The winner for me has been the Nava hair straighteners. They are designed with 100% solid ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly across the iron (which works great on my thick hair). The iron has adjustable temperature (140-450F) and uses FAR-Infrared Technology which means the heat doesn't damage your hair. Nava also offers a lifetime warranty which I think is pretty crazy (crazy good that is!) and you can redeem your warranty online (just like you'd do with your laptop). I'm absolutely in love with these (not mentioning that they come in a swanky raspberry colour) as they do exactly what I want my hair straighteners to do - this pair is reliable and does the job, I dare say, even better than my Cloud 9's! 

Normal retail price of the Nava hair straighteners is £99.99, however as the brand is only just being introduced in the UK you can grab a pair of hair straighteners for £79.99 (free P&P). On the top of that Nava has been so kind that they are offering the hair straighteners to Cityscape Bliss readers for just £49.99 (an absolute bargain for the top quality you're getting!) - use code cb_supersaver - and click here to order your own Nava hair straighteners.

If you're looking for more information get in touch with Nava via their social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.           

What brand are your holy grail hair straighteners?

My hair care and hair styling routine

My hair care and hair styling routine

16 November 2014

BEAUTY | Eggs & bee venom

Memebox review

Another month, another Memebox. This time there are actually two Memeboxes (oops!). Both boxes are superboxes, which means they contain full sized products (get in). The first box is called Free from oil & trouble and the second one is a Halloween special. Now I shall warn you - this will be a mixed review. And I'm saying this with heavy heart, believe me. 

This box is absolutely awesome, and although I don't particularly suffer from oily skin, all products in the box are right up my alley and I'm able to make good use out of them! 

insobeau Acnic Blemish Spot Solution: I haven't tried this product yet, but by the looks of it it could well be a dupe for the Origins spot treatment. It comes in a tiny bottle which contains a liquid and a pink powder. These two layers mix together however when you're applying it on a spot you should let it sit for a minute or two until the layers separate and then dip a cotton bud into the bottle and apply that way. As strange as it sounds, this treatment contains a lot of oils and reduces redness, treats inflammation and prevents further infections.    
Pro You Aroma AC Cream: The formula of this face cream consists of ingredients such as green tea and grapefruit extracts, juniper berry, lavender and tea tree. It smells absolutely lush and so far I think it might be very similar to the new Liz Earle release which I will be reviewing very soon. 
The Skin House Dr Clear Magic Toner: Anything in a spray mist form is a winner, and so is this magic toner. Who can be arsed with applying a toner with a cotton pad, right?
Benenet Herb & Bee AC Control Serum: The freaky bee venom product, yes. Apart from 5 different kinds of herbal extracts, this serum also consist of bee venom which is apparently 75% protein and has therefore proved to be causing rather miraculous results when applied on our skin. 
Lindsay Linzy Egg Pack: I'm not gonna lie, this product made me giggle. It comes in an actual egg carton and the two cleansers look like real eggs. They even feel like real eggs, just a tad greasier on the surface. In fact these two eggs are a cleanser kit for your skin, serious! I can't wait to use these! 
ideeB Goodbye Oil Pact: Apparently this translucent powder is a dupe for the Make Up Forever HD powder, whuuut! Can't wait to give this one a go, too. 

Now the disappointing one - the Halloween Special box. I know, I know, seasonally themed things only rarely turn out to be cool, but it just looked so interesting. Erm, nope. The box is not horrible, oh no, it's just a bit meh. Look at the contents. 

Revecen White Foundation: This is one of the more exciting products in the box - I'll save it for next Halloween to use for maybe a fawn make-up?
Revecen Cake Eye Liner in Black: Erm, this is erm, black eye liner. In the most unexciting form possible. 
Revecen Supra Lining Colour in Purple: And a purple eye liner which looks exactly the same like the black one. 
Revecen Eye Lashes: These are cool, but well, not particularly exciting shape or form. 
Revecen Liquid Lipstick Blood: My favourite product from the whole box - this lipstick is fab - it literally looks like blood! Although it doesn't stay on your lips for very long and can go bleeding everywhere (ironic or what), it looks so stunning on - very very glossy and the colour is spot on for autumn! 
Elizavecca Lip Tattoo: Just no. NO
Lalanc Temporary Tattoo set: These are crosses for God's sake. Crosses. No. No. No. 

To be honest, this is the very first box which has caused somewhat disappointment to me, which in all fairness is not too bad considering how many boxes have been beyond awesome (eg the one above!). Guess I'll just forgive you, Memebox! 

For more boxes look on the Memebox website

What do you think about these two boxes?
What would you think if you received the Halloween box?

Memebox review

11 November 2014

FASHION | Barney Stinson's recipe for awesomness

How to be awesome

I'm sure you love your husband/boyfriend/fiance/that friend that's not just a friend very much. Did you know though that deep down under all that swag you might find a rather insecure boy? Men are a very strange species, they act all tough, tell you you're acting like a baby when you shed a tear or two, but in fact they are the babiest babies themselves. Here are a few tips Justin (and Barney) helped me put together for all the men/boys/scaredy cats out there to remind them that it's not all that difficult to feel awesome every day!

An easy confidence boost is having a decent (or at least half decent) wardrobe. I'm sure there's a holey vest (or two) in your drawer which you bought when you were going out with your first girlfriend and it fits oh so well, but man - it's not even white anymore and it would work as an emergency strainer for spaghetti that you're cooking for today’s dinner. Get rid of it. Burn it. Now! Instead try to give your style a little thought. Where do you work, what do you do in your free time, what do you find comfortable? I say you should go by the golden rule - dress your best every day. Get yourself a good quality suit (ideally tailored), a fitted shirt (always, but always iron it!), a good quality pair of shoes - you know, the complete outfit. You don't even need to go shops, there are online sites like InStitchu where you can have a tailored suit (including a shirt, trousers, a tie - the whole shabang) made from the comfort of your own home, you lazy git! If you want to go full on makeover, maybe get yourself a new hair cut, or at least a new shaver. None of this breaks your bank, but it'll make you feel a million dollars (why else do you think us girls indulge in make-up and fashion so much, ay?!). And if you're not convinced I highly recommend you listen to the suit song. You're welcome.       

That was easy - it's always easier to change the fa├žade, as the French would say. The real challenge comes when you start working on the inside. A good call would be to stop making your life miserable when in fact it isn't. Maybe it's lovely, even! So many men bring themselves down by being overly critical (about their weight, their lack of interests, the lack of income). The fact is you can change the world if only you decide to do so. Even if it's just your world you're changing here. Get yourself a watch (a nice treat to set you on the positive path) and go for a run, at least once a week. And time it - doh! - on your new watch. The pounds will go down; the corners of your mouth will go up. Tried and tested, mate.       

If all fails, then sit down (on a bar stool, in your new tailored suit), cross your legs (in a manly manner) and ask yourself - what would Barney Stinson do? Well, he would definitely be confident no matter how desperate the situation, how much gloom the day brings or how many people tick him off. Learn from Barney. He’s legen-waitforit-dary after all!

PS: Us women love self-proclaimed awesome men. We love it when you’ve got a half interesting life (no coach potato living off beans on toast and Gogglebox), an ambitious personality (even if your ambition is to finish the newest Grand Theft auto in a record time or becoming the world champion in eating hotdogs) and a good wardrobe (a suit that is, preferably – because a suit is the sole reason why Bridget went for Mr Darcy and not Daniel Cleaver, hashtag just sayin’).   

Q for GENTLEMEN: What do you do to feel awesome? Any tips you’d like to share with other lads here?

Q for LADIES: The hottest man in a suit – leave your choices in comments below! 
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