29 August 2014

BOOK | Across the universe

Beth Revis Across the Universe book review

It’s been a very long time since I’ve done a book review – that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been my usual bookworm self though! Although I’m still obsessive over dystopian heroes, lately I’ve been sliding towards the sci-fi genre a little bit more than usual. If you don’t feel ready to jump straight into something like Solaris, then the dystopian/sci-fi trilogy Across the Universe by Beth Revis might be your comfortable not-too-brutal first call into the sci-fi land.

26 August 2014

BEAUTY | Late summer berries, Extant & dreams

Just about the only thing about it not being nice & sunny outside anymore is the coziness of my heater, a furry blanket & pretty berry shades. And maybe that you don't feel so terribly guilty when you spend a whole day watching a newly discovered TV show as it's chuckin' it down outside anyways!  

25 August 2014

BEAUTY | How I waxed my legs in the kitchen

Sugaring hair removal recipe
Yeah, about that.. You probably really wish I'd say I didn't wax my legs in the kitchen, but sorry not sorry I did. Apparently sugaring is one of the most on trend hair removal techniques at the moment (who knew that hair removal falls into the category of trendy things, whaa?!). And you never know when the day of no wax in the house but a hot date on the doorstep comes - it seems pretty damn useful to know how to wax your legs with a cup of sugar and a dash of salt & lemon drizzle, doesn't it? 

23 August 2014

FASHION | Zebra from Zara

Zara zebra dress
zebra print dress - Aliexpress // shoes - Zara // sunglasses - Rayban // bag - Primarni
Oiii - watch that! You know how I promised you to see this zebra dress in an outfit post? Ya? Then hold your hats, ladies & gents, because it is ON. If I had the say than the say would be that there's no better print than zebra print. It's not in your face like little cat heads or little pink unicorns (nothing against cats or unicorns - they are in my top 3 prints, obviously), but it's bold enough to get you a little attention.
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