3 August 2015

TRAVEL | Santorini: The Volcano

Here's the second installment of our Santorini adventure. You can read the first one hereThis one will be full of stories about Atlantis, sulphur springs and inappropriate footwear. Yes, it will be about the Santorini Volcano.

Santorini is the largest island of a small circular archipelago in the south of the Aegean Sea. The Santorini islands (out of which only 2 are inhabited) in fact sit in a circle surrounding a large caldera (the largest on in Europe I believe) with a volcano in the very centre of it. Yet it hasn’t always been like that. Although the volcano is now dormant, it has seen a number of major eruptions over the past millenniums, the most recent one being in the year 1645 BC. These eruptions have has a significant impact on the formation of the islands on the top of tectonic plates in this area. Whilst the islands been sinking and rising, and sinking and rising again, these tectonic movements have caused a number of at the time difficult to grasp changes to the environment and people’s lives. This is where the mythological stories begin.

Because of the tragic rising and sinking of the islands, it is believed that Santorini is in fact the legendary Atlantis. The Minoan civilization which used to live on the islands prior to the most recent eruptions was swept of the island by massive tsunami-like waves, the islands sank and here you go – the Atlantis was born. Other stories from the Greek mythology include the rage of Poseidon being in fact massive sea waves created by the volcanic eruptions and even the 10 plagues of Egypt being the aftermath of tectonic movements underneath the Volcano.

Whilst pondering about these amazing stories you can be climbing up on the Volcano yourself to experience the real deal. Just about everywhere in Santorini you can book a day (or even just a morning) trip to the Volcano – including a boat trip on the caldera, swimming in the volcanic springs and visiting the other inhabited island in the Santorini archipelago called Thirassia. The Volcano is just a massive pile of rocks and I can see why many people get rather disappointed by this. At the same time you have to realize that because of the dormant magmatic chambers just underneath the ground of the volcano you feet will be burning even through the soles of your flip flops, you will see sulphuric streams coming out of the cracks in the boulders around you and the sea will have an acidic green tinge to it. Which is, let’s be honest, pretty awesome.

Have you ever been on the top of a volcano before? 

2 August 2015

BEAUTY | Anja Rubik's Original

It doesn't happen all that often on this blog anymore that you would see a traditional review of just one product on its own. Do you miss it? I don't really to be honest with you - blogs which focus on reviewing individual products are definitely one of the hardest & most elaborate to write - I give credit to everyone who's got the patience because I lost it less than a year into blogging. Today I thought we'd go back to backs and all that and I'd tell you my thoughts on a single perfume bottle - Anja Rubik's brand new EDP Original. And you know why? Because this one deserves it.

This scent is a soul baby of Anja Rubik - a model originally from Poland which is now one of the highest paid models in the world walking for the likes of Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors. The back story is that Anja worked on this scent herself, trying to achieve a subjective scent which would portray her own femininity and chic. Now the argument of numerous reviews is that this scent is not original at all, smells boring, annoying even. Although I'm all for online reviews and when majority doesn't like it, it's probably pants, but this one, this one I will argue. Before you give it a sniff in Liberty, let me tell you what I think about the scent itself.

The scent is very crisp - at first you get very strong, almost androgynous wood & pepper notes. It's all very French & unisex to me up to the point where it develops into a very strong scent of white bitter lilies. Original is a sophisticated every day scent to me which makes me feel a little classier even in a pair of sweats and tee. It will be absolutely lush as a transitional summer-autumn scent. There.    

Oh - just gave Shaun a sniff and apparently it smells like a fruit bowl. Sigh. My conclusion? It's called Original because to every single person it just smells different. Absolutely bloody different. FACT. 

Now please go, sniff it and let me know what your thoughts are! You can get it here.       

Have you tried this perfume yet?
What does it smells like to you?

25 July 2015

FASHION | Quote Tees

Quote or slogan tops have been absolutely everywhere this spring and I'm sure that you (and your cat) have got a couple in your wardrobe too. Okay, quote tops are cool, but you know what I particularly struggle with? The quotes. YOLO just doesn't cut it for me. Now maybe I'm too old - either way I would appreciate if high street retailers gave a little more thought and maybe came up with an actual quote for their tops. Or just you know - something a little inspirational? That would do.

This is a style milestone for me in a way - the market just didn't provide for me so I went out and designed something myself. And so can you! On the Snapmade website you can create your own quote or even image, any sort of design and then have it printed on a top of your choice. I went for the Sincerely-Jules-and-every-other-online-store-inspired 'Dream, Believe, Achieve' which is not particularly original but I find it really wearable compared to slightly more serious quotes. Which takes me to the second top (which is my favourite!) - this is a quote by Andy Warhol I absolutely adore. Life philosophy right there! 

'You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you'  

What is your take on quote tees?
Yes, no, maybe?  

23 July 2015

BEAUTY | Boots own skincare range

Did you know that most Boots own products are developed by Boots skincare specialists in Nottingham (that's where Boots first began)?! How crazy is that! Although you'd think oh it's just Boots - in fact Boots is a very traditional chemist's dating back to 1860's. Boots' very own brands include the likes of Boots Essentials, Botanics, Time Delay and Simply Sensitive - and here's a whole beauty regime which contains some of the brand's most popular picks.

 ⇢ Boots Essentials Cleansing wipes
⇢ Boots Botanics Hydrating eye cream
⇢ Boots Botanics Micellar 3 in 1 cleansing solution
⇢ Boots SkinClear Rapid action spot gel
⇢ Boots TeaTree & WitchHazel Deep cleansing facial scrub
⇢ Boots Essentials 3-minute clay mask
 Boots Simply Sensitive Protecting day moisturiser SPF15 with aloe vera

So far I've tried a few of these & they are on par with some more pricey alternatives. My favourites so far are the Deep cleansing facial scrub and the 3-minute clay mask. I have used the clay mask in the past - I love its fresh cucumber scent (which I can imagine can be a little too strong for some) and the way my skin feels super smooth and soft afterwards. The facial scrub is great for a really deep cleanse - when you feel like your pores are clogged and blackheads start popping up on your nose, this is your friend. I also gave the Protecting moisturiser a go since it contains SPF15 and since The Sunday Girl raves about it so much! So far I can tell you that it's very soothing and I assume it would be a very safe bet for those with sensitive skin as it has no fragrance, no colour and is hypo-allergenic. 

You can find all these bargainous products in your local Boots or here

Have you ever used any products from the Boots own range?
Which one's your favourite?
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