23 September 2014

BEAUTY | Try something new every day!

Boots give it a go daily!
I sort of wish I could say this is going to be an ultra motivational, inspiring post about good deeds and courage to take your life by spoonfuls. Well it's not, it's about lipsticks and nail polishes and other pretty things, so what?! Boots is currently running this fun campaign about giving new trends (and products) a go. Do you always stick to the same blusher? Why?? Why, when there's at least a hundred different blushers in your local drugstore?

22 September 2014

LIFESTYLE | Cats against cyber censorship - join the revolution!

I'm not gonna lie, I'm not one to support charities and give money to fundraisers on the street who claim that they need ME to save a tiger in Indonesia (that's where tigers live, right?). What I'm not against though is raising awareness (although not by throwing a bucket of ice on my head, God no!). Did you know that every day we share almost 4 million cat photos and videos on the internet? WOAH! Yup. And there are people out there, in countries far away from where you're sitting right now, who have never seen a single one. They have no notion of who the Grumpy cat is, they have never seen funny videos of cats swimming or playing with a vaccum cleaner. That's a fact. 

21 September 2014

BEAUTY | Memebox: Korea's most wanted!


Last week I was at a Benefit event (hold on, this is totally related to a blog post about Korea) and Jared Bailey (Benefit's international spokesperson & brow pro) mentioned how he absolutely loves Korea and how all the Korean trends and products are at least 4 years ahead of the rest of world! That is exactly how I feel when I receive a new Memebox. Opening these boxes is like Christmas for me - every single thing in every single boxes makes me squeal and feel like I should send a thank you card to whoever puts these boxes together. This month I got the Korea's most wanted superbox.

20 September 2014

LIFESTYLE | What would you say to your younger self?

What would you say to your younger self?
Don't you sometimes look at your old pictures and think: jesus! how did I get through those years?! I do (and looking at photos above you're probably asking the same question, ha!). So if I had a time travel machine and had the chance to say one things to my younger self it would be: You're going to be okay

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