BEAUTY | Cupcakes in the bath

So we've established that lately I've been getting more and more into Lush again. Big time. This also means that I've been keeping my eyes peeled for any nice bath oils, bath creams, bath foams and anything bath-related really. I have even put this DIY on my to-do list. It's genius isn't it! But obviously apart from looking for planks of wood and my hammer, I've been scouring the internet for some ready-made bath goodness. And well - these cupcakes happened.   

Don't be silly, they're not actual cupcakes and sweets. Obvs. These cupcakes and other confectionery dreams were made in a Bath Patisserie in Germany, believe it or not. Hand on heart, they are the most beautiful bath products I've ever seen - just bloody look at 'em! They have real flowers in them (and loads of different kinds from roses to lavender and calendula; or other foods for that matter) and come in all different shapes and sizes. There are your regular bath bombs (which explode in floral fireworks), the aforementioned and oh so eye catching cupcakes, chocolate bars, little chocolate box style nuggets with berries, nuts and what not! When you drop them in the bath, they are very scented and incredibly creamy/oily - I do recommend you break them up (even though that may seem heart-breakingly difficult), and be careful if your skin is very sensitive. The only downside of these is that you can't sniff them beforehand, which is half of the fun when buying Lush products. Just saying. Whispers - open a shop in Brum, bitte schoen? Okei.   

Go & have a browse yourself, you'll be amazed by how pretty everything there is - I think I forgot to mention that the company is actually called Badefee, oops (click here)!       

GARDEN | The language of flowers

Blossoming Gifts bouquet
Over the past couple of days the internet has been literally flooded by Valentine's Day blog posts and articles of all sorts. Yup, it's happening. Again. This might surprise you but I love the idea of Valentine's Day. Although not many people might be aware of this, St Valentine's Day is in fact a Christian day of remembrance of Valentinus. According to legend, Valentinus was a priest who was performing weddings for people who were forbidden to get married (eg soldiers). He was later imprisoned and sentenced to death. Whilst in prison he fell in love with his jailers daughter and before he was executed he wrote a letter to her which he signed 'Your Valentine'. What a heartbreaking story! I don't particularly appreciate the whole commercialisation of the day however I do love sharing flowers and sweets with the ones I care about. Sweets are quite straightforward but flowers can be a little tricky! Did you know that each flower has a different meaning?

Carnation - pride & beauty 
(pink - never ending love; yellow - cheerfulness, red - admiration)
Rose - love
Sunflower - dedication
Chrysanthemum - joy
(yellow - secret love, white - truth, bronze - excitement)
Ivy - fidelity
Daisy - innocence & purity
Gerbera - innocence & cheerfulness 
Peony - happy life, happy marriage & prosperity
Orchid - delicate beauty
Daffodil - chivalry
Pansy - loving thoughts
Lily - modesty
Tulip - perfect love
Lilac - innocence (purple - first love)
Hydrangea - heartfelt emotions
Hyacinth - playfulness 

I hope you find this little list of flower meanings helpful when choosing this year's St Valentine's Day bouquet. The bouquet above which is definitely a safe option (the flowers in it would be associated with innocence, cheerfulness and never ending love), but if you're looking for a more out-there Valentine's bouquet, have a look on the Valentine's range from Blossoming Gifts (click here), their bouquets (as you may have already noticed!) are my favourite - they are such a good quality and last for 2+ weeks! You can also get 33% with the code BGIFTS33 (selected lines only)! You're welcome, my Valentine.  

Oh, and please keep in mind that some flowers carry negative meaning - for example lavender (although it is my favourite flower!) is associated with distrust! And the language of flowers sometimes differs from culture to culture too, so be aware when picking a bouquet for your favourite person!    

Blossoming Gifts bouquet

Blossoming Gifts bouquet

HOME | Fornasetti on budget

Replica Fornasetti cushions
Fornasetti has become overwhelmingly popular over the past years, especially in the world of home decor. The face of Lina Cavalieri has been replicated by the artist more than 500 times on mugs, plates, reed diffusers, wallpapers, cushions... you name it. The design works beautifully in a monochromatic setting however sometimes it can also look stunning in less structures environment. No one says you have to take the mass approach and cover your wall in Fornasetti plates (especially considering they retail at £125 a pop!), maybe a cushion or two (at bargain price of £4!) would add enough of a creative sparkle to your living room?

I know, I know, it ain't the real deal - but for £100+ per cushion, you really need to make sure you're gonna be madly, deeply and crazily in love with it. For a very much symbolic price of less than £4, you can give Fornasetti's bold designs a go without the risk of a life-long regret. BAM!

You can get these cushions here for £3.82 each and there's altogether 15 designs to choose from. Just remember that they don't come with the stuffing so make sure you have some on hand (they're about £1-2 from IKEA or Primarni). 

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