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23 July 2014

BEAUTY | Which chubby sticks are the best?

Chubby sticks

Oh no, not another chubby stick blog post! There are so many chubby sticks around that about half of the people seeing this post in their feed won't even click on it. And not only that they won't click on it, they're probably even gonna snort in disgust over yet another chubby stick bloglovin' feed invasion. Do you know, though, which chubby sticks are the best (read: bloody brilliant)?

22 July 2014

LIFESTYLE | Car boot sales, Wimbledon & cat tea pots

Car boot sale finds

Together with the blog design transformation I though it might be nice to let you little internet minions peek into my IRL a little more. I wouldn't say that I'm a completely closed book - you probably get some of my personality shine through my Instagram (@cityscapebliss) but other than that it might be a bit of a struggle to get through to me. So what should you know about me? Let me think. 

21 July 2014

FASHION | Crisp white shirt & red heels

Crisp white shirt & red heels outfit
I've probably been slippin' into the blogger style a little bit too much ( ya know, plain dull colours, raybans and heels with anything) but these are the safest style waters where you can't really make too much mess in form of fashion faux pas by pairing the unpairable. So what - there's nothing ugly about a crisp white shirt, black faux leather trousers & a pair of red Zara heels - au contraire mon cheri

20 July 2014

BEAUTY | How to find products that suit your skin type

Body Shop - the skin diagnostic tool

Do you sometimes get a bit uneasy when someone asks you what skin type you have? I mean - I've always been pretty sure that my skin is dry (with flaky patches in winter) with high concentration of blackheads on my nose and enlarged pores on my cheeks. So I've always been buying products targeting those areas. But is this still true even now I'm 25?! It is in a way - but as you grow older, your skin does too. And it's not only your taste for bearded guys and punk music that changes - your skin changes too. It changes based on weather, your lifestyle, your diet, even on your stress levels. Therefore it's not a bad idea to stop once in a while & re-think your skin care regime. 
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