Outfit: Gold & Black

This is my definitely most go to outfit in the past month.


A slow transition from non-existant summer in England to definitely already here autumn. The only thing which I have not got my hands on is Elie Saab perfume, but I have to admit, and shame on me (or the exact opposite?), every time I get anywhere near Debenhams, I know my way to the one and only shelf. The bottle in Bull Ring can be considered mine, that's how many times I've accidentally walked pass to close! Aaaaaaah, Elie... #sniffit

H&M black skinny trousers
Deichman black lace up ankle boots
H&M black blazer
Primark sheer cream blouse
Red Hering (dupe of Michael Korrs) watch
H&M woven bracelets
Primark golden studs from a set (simmilar ones)

And this is the actual outfit I was wearing throughout of almost whole October!
H&M black skinny trousers
H&M black blazer
Primark sheer cream blouse
Primark black Alexa dupe bag

The only difference is that for more summery weather and casual look I chose Primark white/cream loafers (for a £1, yes!) which are incredibly comfotable, however the price is reflected in quality, and they stay with your for literally a few days. Oh well, still worth it, I think! #onequidomg

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