Beauty Books Wishlist

I have been looking at beauty books for quite a while and to be honest, I consider it extremely hard to find one that I would be willing to pay money for and would find really useful. Here is a top 3 that I think are worth the money. (I do not own them, but I had a chance to peak into them!)

Bobbi Brown: Make Up Manual

Jemma Kidd: Make Up Masterclass

Francois Nars: Make Up Your Mind, Express Yourself

When you click on the title, it redirects you to Amazon, where you can read more about the book, possibly buy it. I highly recommend to have a sneak peak into some of them!

Finally, I have one unanswered question, which became a kind of mystery to me. I was so obsessed with the book Lauren Conrad: Style until the other day when I went to the bookstore to finally buy it. Everyone seems to love it. Like LOVE it. It receives nick names such as the BIBLE. But wait for a minut, for what age group is this bible? When I opened it, it made the impression it is one of the books for teenage girls that learn the first things about beauty and fashion. I had a swift read through and it said things like...get a little black dress, because it is useful. Oh well. How come that this book is so popular among beauty and fashion gurus? I just can't get my head around it. Maybe I am just missing something? Would you recommend me to still read it?

Do you like reading beauty books? Which one is your favourite?

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