Last week I went to Clintons, because I noticed they had Yankee Candles on offer 20% off. It took me about half an hour to pick the scent I fancied the most. At the till, the lady told me they were not 20% off. What a bummer! So I started a quest for a cheaper Yankee...

I finally made a trip to the T.K.Max yesterday and look what I found! £5.99 21oz jar and amazing vanilla scent, fairly close to the cookie Yankee! Not an exact dupe, but it is definitelly not scent-less like many other candles are. My boy even said that the smell is overpowering, but nice! (and the candle was not even lit, it had just opened lid!)

Oh, and here is my new reading - XOXO, Gossip girl! I know, I know, this will definitelly not enrich my intellect but after writing thousand and thousands of words on revolutionary impacts on Algerian tourism, rich senior Canadian travellers and mobile phones of Masai tribes (how ridiculous that I am not even joking about these topics!), I think I do deserve a bit of a switch-off reading!  

And this little buddy was in my first-ever (#embarrassedface) Christmas cracker, that I very likely stole from my flatmate (read: I found it!). But oh well, when someone tells you that something like these crackers exist, you just go for it! And by the way, do all crackers have jokes solely about cows? (three out of three I opened were pretty cow-y)

What about you? Have you found any good Yankee dupes? Do you love Xmas crackers as much as I do?