Does it happen to you too, that when you go shopping for Christmas presents, you end up buying more for yourself? #longsigh

Because I decided to get a Yankee candle for someone, I had the urge to get some nice candle for myself. This one smells amazing! The brand's called Copenhagen Candla Company and this one is in Baby Powder (almost as nice as the Yankee baby powder) and the label states: 'highly scented candle made with a luxury wax blend'. It is not AS scented as the Yankee one, but it is still very strong 'parfume-y' candle for a frangment of Yankee price (I think it was £6.99 for a fairly large jar).   

And while I was at the Yankee stand, I noticed that the small votives are only 75p! I could have not taken one #nowill. This one smells like purple lilac tree #sniff. Even though it is so tiny, it makes your whole room smell amazing and to be honest, it does not burn that fast either (this has been taken after about 2 hours of burning!).

In Tesco I grabbed this bottle of Fizzy Cola Bottles, which was discounted to £2! Love cola bottles!!

My first small handbag almost ever! I always buy these massive massive bags so I can fit everything in them, but they always go extremely heavy. So when I saw this little baby for £9.99 in H&M it was decided.

And I got this off E-bay the other day. It's all three Lauren Conrad books and a summer fruit EOS lip balm! It is so sweet and yum!

Has any of you read Lauren Conrad's books? Are they any good?