...but I can assure you that Air Wick Colour Change Candle is the coolest candle I've seen in a long time! (Try not to get put off by a boring candle picture here and read on) 

Although it has no special design and the glass in boringly plain, it does have some pretty special effects to it. Yes, it does change colours. The candle has got an in-built heat sensor LED light in it and therefore as soon as you light it up, the LED light switches on and starts the colour parade. It goes from yellow to orange and red to purple, blue and green and back to orange. Well, enough said, it is impressive!

Air Wick finally came with something innovative in the candle industry. Someone may think it's a bit too much for a candle to play with LED lights and rainbow colours, but although I have a bit of old-fashined taste for candles (it does not really need to make loads of smoke or crackling fireplace sounds, and yes there are candes like this), this one managed to impress me. The light is pretty bright so it lights up whole (small) room and the colours are not CRAZY changing, so you don't get the disco headache either. The scent is also nice, it is not too strong but strong enough to notice the it and apparently the burning time is 15 hours (fairly good for such a small candle, isn't it?). There are four different scents available (see Air Wick website) and they retail for about £6 in all major UK supermarkets (and I think they are now on offer for £3 in Tesco).       

Are you slightly obsessed with candles like me? Do you think that colour changing candle is way too much or would you buy it?