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Is there anyone who has not heard about BB creams yet? Huh? Well either way, this is my review of an original Asian Skin79's BB cream.

Beauty balm, blemish balm, beblish balm, blemish base. Whatever that BB actually means, it stands for one and only product originating in Asia. Apparently, it has been developed by surgeons for patients after skin operations, and was meant to have multiple functions, speeding up the process of healing and perfecting the complexion. There has been a number of different BB creams developed over past few years, and recently Western companies try to experiment with this concept of multifunctional cream, however seem to be criticized for not meeting the high quality of Asian products. I don't think that BB has been created as a solid recipe and therefore I welcome Western innovations, such as Garnier's skin perfector, which has been my favourite tinted moisturiser/BB cream so far. Neverthless, I could not resist, so I dived into the Asian market and picked up the probably most talked about BB cream by Skin79. Super+ - how could that name bring any disappointment?!    

Before I get to the application and results, I would like to point out one thing, which not everyone may be aware of. BB creams happen to be one of the most 'faked' products on E-bay, therefore I suggest you are extremely careful when choosing your seller. Here are a few tips I've remembered after browsing websites with fake/real comparisons. What to look for then?
  • the real BB has got sort of rainbow flecks in the colour of all text on the container, and the font stays on even when you try to scratch it off with your nail
  • there are spelling mistakes on the fake one

  • the box has got a 'tear-up' line all the way down at the back of the box, which is apparently not on the fake box at all
  • also the pump top is all silver on the real one, whereas the fake one's is half white I think

  • the text on the back side of the box is in English, whereas the fake one has got the text only in Asian languages (Chinese?)
  • the real one has got bar code AND expiry date on the bottom side of the box, whereas the fake one does have only the expiry date 

Now to the actual product. What is it meant to do? Everything. I'm not even joking. It is meant to work as a moisturiser, foundation, blemish treatment, enhancement of natural look, even out your skin tone, SPF protect you, prime your skin, whiten/brighten your skin and much more (I find it useless to spend time on this, as there are millions of articles on BB creams already out there).

But how Skin79 BB works for me? Pretty good! First it looks greyish and is fairly hard to work into my skin. It's the opposite of watery/runny consistency, but does not exactly feel like a hard-blendable foundation. More like a thick cream. Eventually, it is possible to blend it in, but it kind of needs more time and I assume your body temperature helps with this. As it shows up in the fourth picture, it leave a fairly ghostly/grey overlay on your skin, which after a few minutes sinks in and feels very natural.   

To be honest with you, I'm a 'I don't like foundations' girl, and that's why 99% times I only use my Garnier BB, which is more like a tinted moisturiser but works well for me. Skin79 is another addition to my 'face' collection. It provides more coverage and does not break me out, does not irritate and so far I discovered that after I wash it off at the end of the day, my skin looks more one-toned than before. I have slight, slight discolouration on my cheeks from an allergic reaction which I had when I was about 16 and which started an acne run on my face for about 2 years afterwards. It looks more like little scars or even freckles, so people usualy don't even notice, but I would like to get rid of it. I assume that this BB cream could do me the favour. Let's wait and see how it turns out, I will keep you updated!

Furthermore, I should add that Asian BB creams are suitable for lighter skin tones, but to a certain extent, they sink into your skin and therefore adapt a similar colour to your skin tone. Please keep this mind, if you want to buy it. It may not be the best solution for you, however, check out Garnier's BB, as they offer it in a darker shade too!

Do you like BB creams? 
Have you tried this one or would you recommend any other?  

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