...not. A lot of bloggers have already taken advantage of Moo's offer on free facebook business cards. I thought it was quite a neat idea, what Moo came up with, however I can't see that much of a use for blogger business cards, when you do it only as a hobby and don't really see yourself to establish a business on this. Nevertheless, I find it useful to have them when you going to a blogger event (not that I have been to any yet, hah!). So here they are in all their glory, just keep in mind they are representation of my hobby rather than actual serious business cards.  

There's not much I could or should say about them. There are 50 cards which you design via facebook and add there contact details, a little photo and a 'cover' picture. The cards are printed on a nice sturdy paper and looks pretty quality to be fair. Although they come for free, you pay for postage which is around £3. Not only you receive your business cards, but also a nice sleek black holder for both spare cards and the ones that you get from other people. 

To be honest, business cards for a blogger like me are definitely not a necessity, however for £3, they feel like a little treat to me and one day they might come handy!

What do you think about bloggers & business cards?