Yesterday I ran into Primark to get some necessities (laundry bag & towels, eh) and obviously got drawn to the candle shelf. As if someone would be surprised by this, right? Ha! I picked up these three little candles! 

The first two are your 'standard' Primark candles in tins, however what surprised me was that the older edition ones they had there were pretty artificially and 'bleugh' scented, imagine that heavy headache-making cheap candle Poundland smell. Yeh, that one. But then I picked up these two (yes, I'm one of those that sniff every single thing they can get their mitts on!), and they smell surprisingly nice! The vanilla one is slightly more artificial, but you can still tell that it is meant to be a vanilla scent. Not too bad for £1.50! The wild berry one, though, smells amazing! I think it's pretty much a true cranberry scent, honestly reminds me of cranberry juice! *yum* Obviously the burning hours are not super long, although it says 20 hours on the tin, I think it might be slightly less. Furthermore, they don't give you nice room scent like Yankees do, but you can tell that they've been burning!  

What came as a surprise was this new range of 'bakery' candles! I think there were blueberry muffin ones and vanilla cupcakes, which is the one I picked. They are £2 each and I think they have quite a unique design for Primark. When you look at the candle, you surely know why I picked it up! Not only that it smells lush, but the little dish it's in could be a great little ring storage! Looks like a perfect size! Sort of that shabby-chic look, I'd say! Products with 2 in 1 use always make me happy, haha!

Do you like Primark candles?
What's your favourite one?