There is so much caviar flying around at the moment! Caviar manicure, caviar facials, caviar treatments, caviar cremes... But have people forgotten about actually eating caviar? I've always been the one who believed that these things work much better when applied from the inside rather than on the outside - like a spoon of olive oil a day (swallowed) can improve your skin much more and on long-term basis than just slapping the oil on your face. Same with caviar, at least I believe that eating caviar contributes to your health more significantly than just putting it on your skin... what particular beauty benefits of caviar do I mean?   

Just to make it clear at the beginning - I'm not talkin about £1,000,000s Russian black caviar, I'm talkin about any sort of roe (name for a cheaper caviar) that you can get in all sorts of shop, I got mine from IKEA (ha, what a shocker!) for about £1-something for 85g. It's not a massive amount, but you don't have to shove it in your throat all at once, roe is more of a dessert food - you can eat it on crackers as snacks, on boiled egg-halves or mix it up with cheese or cream to get a spread.

Oh, you don't know what caviar is? Caviar, or as I said any type of roe, is basically a bunch of usually raw fish (sometimes even from urchins and other sea monsters, haha) eggs. That might sound nasty, but it is a great delicacy in posh restaurants, and prices differ based on types of fish from pounds to billions of pounds. It does not taste very fishy, it's got rather a distinguished super salty taste and looks like little black or red/orange beads, which burst when you squeeze or chew on them. 

Now what are the benefits?

Roe is apparently super high on omega-3 fatty acids which has positively affects cardiovascular system, especially heart and blood circulation. It can therefore prevent you from heart attacks as well as from prostate, breast and colon cancer.

Rich in Vitamin A, roe can help you to radiant and glowy skin, protecting you from signs of ageing, acne and blemishes. Omega-3 & omega-6 fatty acids also improve regeneration abilities of your skin & increase production of collagen in your skin (remember what I said about collagen in my previous post about microdermabrasion?). These fatty acids also protect you from inflammations and help speed up healing processes. Potassium & selenium in roe improves elasticity of your skin - bye bye saggy cheeks!  

All the vitamin content in roe also contributes to strengthening your bones & teeth, which is important especially for us women, since we are more likely to suffer from osteoporosis.

 Vitamin A contributes to improvement of your eye vision!

The fatty acids in roe also can improve your mood and help you stay away from depressions and cries. Yippee! *happy dance*

Obviously, you might not be the biggest fan of the taste (I think it's the same case like olives - you either love them or hate them), however there are some scientifically proven benefits of roe which seem to be worth trying! And my skin better be glowing like sun after eating the whole pot of roe while writing up this post - woops! *happy dance & showing off strong teeth* haha!

Are you a friend or foe with roe?
(How more cheesy can this post get, huh?)