No, you haven't accidentally landed on a food blog, it's still the old Cityscape Bliss, but behold! This Sunday my mum took over & made me (yeh, you're reading it right - made me, tut tut!) make a foodie post on one of my favourite Czech dishes. It ain't no post meal, it's a rather budget one (and in all honesty, it does look pretty budgety as well, haha) but it's quick, cheap, yum and as my bf would say - it's stew, so it can't be bad! Simple like that, it's a poor man's stew from potatoes.  

Czech nation is all about stewing things, how random! We just don't call them stews, we call them goulashes [ghu:lah:shiz]. Which if I remember right is not even a Czech vocab, it's meant to be Hungarian. And the word doesn't even mean a stew in Hungarian, it means a soup. Oh wells. We are one confusing nation. I won't get the name right, but my mum is able to get the recipe right, and that's what matters right?

So what do we need:

1) potatoes
2) sausages (some rather chewy ones if that makes any sense, haha)
3) onion
4) garlic
5) a beef cube
6) tomatoes
7) vegetable oil (and a handful of lard chunks, can do with chopped fat bacon cubes)
8) spices: marjoram, sweet chili, cumin powder

Now the actual cookin process couldn't be easier - you chop everything, preheat a pot (put oil & bacon cubes in first), and then chuck the rest in, except the potatoes!

After about 10 minutes of stewing the sausages and the rest, chuck the potatoes in and voila! After another half an hour you've got a traditional Czech potato stew!  

Hope you enjoyed this random food post, can't promise there won't be a few more over the next few days, haha! All the credit goes to my mum though, I only took pictures, but shhh!

What's your favourite dish at the moment?
Do you cook at home or just get fish'n chips takeaway?