The other day I ventured to Poundland for some kitten litter (it's super cheap from there) & got slightly distracted (as you do) by a few other things. Since they were quite interesting finds and since I got an approval from the Twitter people, I decided to share them with you in this simple Poundland/99p store haul.  

Since I was there for my little Cookie kitten, I grabbed a few kitten-related items. In Poundland you can get these little sets of kitten toys, and let's be honest - they are the simplest toys in the world (a plastic ball with a jingle bell inside?) but so far they are Cookie's favourites! 99p store on the other hand offers these yummy Dreamies. They are cat/kitten treats, and because they are really tiny I find them perfect for the little monster, since she's already like a ball and I don't want to give her more food than she really needs. 

I also grabbed a box of Toffifee - heavenly treats for myself, so I don't need to rob the ones Cookie got and obviously a Revlon nail polish in Tangerine (one doesn't leave Poundland without Revlon nail polish, right?). My boyfriend has got a slight obsession with Family Guy underwear (now you probably know more than you ever wanted, haha!), so these two pairs of Stewie socks were an obvious pick.    


Finally, the BEST. FIND. EVER. I had no idea that Poundland was selling second-hand CD's. I never took any CD's with me when moving to the UK, and with YouTube and a smart phone, I never really lusted for them. Until my boyfriend brought a CD player for my room. And no, he doesn't have any CD's either. I think we both just find CD's as an unnecessary luxury. Instead, we use a little external plug-in device in which you insert your micro SD card from your phone, and can listen to music that way. It's incredibly annoying though, because each of us has got about million songs on it and you can't browse through them, they just play in random order. You can imagine that seeing a massive shelf full off CD's for a quid made me squeal a bit! I picked two Embrace albums (tell me you never cried to Nature's Law!), The Verve (because of Cruel Intentions obviously), Stereophonics (my boyfriend's fave), Travis (Flowers in the window were my prom song), Nelly Furtado (I want to find Whoa, Nelly next time!) & wait for it... BUSTED! I got live Busted CD! I don't care that at 23 I should be listening to something more mature - it's Busted! (you're my psychoooo girl, my psychoooo girlfriend.... yes, Charlie, I would, I would!).    

Okay, excuse the last little burst of Busted obsession, I'm genuinely excited about that CD, haha!

What's the best thing you ever scored in a Poundland/99p store/Dollar store/Vse za 29 Kc store?
(the very last one is a Czech version, hehe)