Can a brow kit for £3.50 be any good?

Another product from the new MUA launches! The one that I was the most excited about - the Pro-Brow Kit. I never thought I would like brow kits - I used to use pencils (was a bit tricky & most of the time I couldn't be bothered, shhh!), then eyeshadows (just didn't feel very right to be fair, because the colours were a tad odd) & then I found my MeMeMe Arch Angel, which I thought was an invention of the century. Then I got my hands on FashionistA brow kit & I was hooked. I think it costs about £7 though, so forkin that out for my brows... well, I would, because it's brilliant, but it doesn't exactly make me happy. Seeing I could have virtually the same thing for half the price - £3.50, I would be silly not to give it a go! 
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I really like the packaging, it's pretty sturdy for MUA & it clicks in pretty tight (almost as if there was a magnet?). I won't repeat the fury that took over me when I was trying to get rid of the stickiest stickers in the world (you can read about it here). Apart from that, I think it's functional, it's neat, don't need anything more really.
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The case has got a massive mirror inside (very FashionistA-ish or FamousX-ish, shhh), which is definitely a plus. It comes with little tweezers & a little brush (we are talkin almost identical to the FashionistA brow kit here). The colours are what you'd expect - dark brown, lighter brown & blonde sort of colour (which I assume they call highlighter?). The colours are okay, I think the dark brown has got a slight (& very subtle) warm undertone, so it might not suit the darkest of brows. It also comes with a little wax, which is great.   
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The powders are a tad dusty (some fall off goin on), but that might be because of the very stiff brush. That's not a big deal anyways, it's pretty manageable! Also, the wax is a tad thin, which might mean it won't hold the wildest of brows (although it holds mine!), but it also means that it doesn't feel very stiff on your face (I find that if I use too much of the FashionistA one, it makes my brows feel a bit funny, eh). The colour stays in my brows whole day, doesn't fade significantly, and it doesn't smudge. 
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Overall, I think it's a handy little brow kit! I probably won't be splurging on more expensive kits when I run out of the FashionistA one, because I think this one does the job just as well. It's got a few little details that could be improved (e.g. dustiness & thin wax), but as I said, it's pretty manageable and for the money, you can't really complain! So - all you budget ladies, you can get this little babyfor £3.50 either in the online MUA store or in selected Superdrugs. Oh, it's currently on offer online for £3.00! Go & grab a bargain!
How do you tame your brows?

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