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Not many of you are probably aware that I'm a specs-wearer. I've been wearing them since when I was about 17-18, because I couldn't see presentations shown at lectures and well, I pretty much couldn't see the lecturers either. My eyes are not horrible, and although they did get worse over the past few years, I don't need very strong glasses and I can survive without wearing them very often (not that I can really see much, yet I do not seem to care that I can't see people's faces very clearly - everyone looks somehow prettier with a bit of blurry veil, eh). I already do have a pair of glasses, which I bought in Czech Republic, but it cost me almost £100 and I'm just dead scared to take them out of the house for I just think I might loose them/crush them/drop them. So when I got offered a pair from Select Specs, which is a great online store for budget glasses, I was thrilled. This is a pair I picked! 
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I picked a pair called ICON in grey colour.  It was in the economy category for only a tenner, which I thought was a brilliant price for glasses that I can carry on me whole day without being a scaredy cat that i destroy them by some crazy accident. My biggest fear with glasses is the shape - aka I'll put them on and they will look like the wonkiest thing in the world (yeah, I know, my nose is not exactly specs-friendly). These turned out to be great - they are slightly wonky when I put them on in rush, but that's just me being careless even though I know that with my head shape and glasses that's just not gonna work. They are made of very sturdy plastic (yet they don't look cheap and super-plastic!) and so far they seem practically indestructible.
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These glasses come with a very functional black plastic case and a soft cloth, which is all you really need. You can just throw them in your handbag and you're set to go!
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Overall, I have to say I'm really happy with these. They were really easy to order, they are more than affordable, and they seem to be a great quality pair as well! You can have a look on the official website of Select Specs if there's a pair you'd fancy - they also have sun glasses & designer glasses!
Do you wear glasses?
Are you also in constant fear you break them like me?

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