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Here we go with a little update on the whole 'movin' places' saga. Well, first of all - we had a flat picked, we had papers signed, but we got screwed over by Connells. Yes, I'm gonna name & shame because I cried whole evening as we were promised to be able to move in the following week, only had pre-payment to pay and the lovely gentleman from Connells gave me a ring and informed me that after almost 2 weeks after we verbally agreed that we wanted the flat, someone else came and took it. Just like that. Nevertheless, we manned up, showed middle finger to Connells and went to good 'ol Fraser Wood. They offered us a brilliant flat, which although is tiny, comes with a lot cheaper price tag and fingers crossed if all referencing goes well, we might have our own little place very soon! *crosses toes* To relax a bit from the whole 'you took away -our- flat you bastards', we made a trip to IKEA the other day and spent about an hour pickin THE sofa - one wouldn't believe it's such a hard job!
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The sofas above are from IKEA and pretty much demonstrate what we agreed on. The ideal living room (in 'the' or any other flat we manage to get) is going to be in earth-toned colours, mainly greys, creams and browns. The white-ish little baybah in the lower left corner costs only £95 - absolute bargain! And it's an absolutely perfect fit for a kitten-friendly environment (read I'm not getting £400 leather sofa for Cookie to tear it apart!). We already bought that little brown-toned cushion with a vintage map on it as a little motivational item to help us not give up on this whole movin-in-together hassle. Below I've picked a few ah-mazing sofas and living room decors just to indulge my eye in, since out living room to-be is definitely gonna be about a tenth of the space you can see in the pictures!  

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic
These sofas are from a website called Harrogate Interriors, which offers probably the most expensive furniture you'll ever see in your life. Only the first little sofa costs over £5,000! I don't even wanna know how much the second one costs, but you have to admit that the whole interior looks amazing - so clean and spacious! The following picture is the same one just from a different angle - so pretty! The last one is much more realistic when it comes to the size, however still a tad above our price range - £5,300! Oh my, one can dream though, right? And anyways, can you even imagine Cookie pretending that that 5k sofa is his new scratch-pole? No, me neither! *swallows loudly*
What's your favourite type of sofa?
Leather? Textile? Massive? Small?

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