Velvet love from Paris

You may have noticed that I've developed a thing for a French brand called Lierac. If you're not familiar with it, read more in the post about the Lierac Refreshing Cleanser from a few days ago. I was so impressed by the cleanser that I obviously wanted to try more, but because Lierac is a French pharmacy brand and is bloody expensive in online stores, I thought I'd have a little browse on E-bay first & jeez, you wouldn't believe how expensive it is on there! So the next up was a trip to TKMaxx where I got the cleanser. And oh my, so-much-Lierac! I was lucky enough to find one last jar of the Velvet Cream Foundation in Ivory (which I couldn't even swatch, but guessed that Ivory sounded fair enough to me). Although it is an anti-ageing foundation, which I don't exactly need, it is also suitable for very dry skin, so I couldn't have really wished for anything better now the winter is on our doorstep! 


The foundation comes in a very high-end packaging with a little spatula and a leaflet neatly packed in a paper box. The actual products comes in a thick glass jar, which definitely gives the product very expensive feel. Jars are always a bit controversial, aren't they?! You have to dip your dirty mitts in them (obviously I do suggest you wash them before you dive in it, doh!), then all the bacteria apparently starts growing it in... hmm, well at least you've got the spatula with it! And to be honest with you, I'm not that bothered, I touch my face all the time & when your hygiene is up to a good human standard, you should survive. 

The foundation itself, according to Lierac, should provide three functions - smooth, prevent & protect. What I really like is that Lierac actually gives you a list of active ingredients that deliver these three functions. First of all, it contains hyaluronic acid, which is known for its plumping up effects as well as filling in wrinkles & fine lines. Secondly, it contains natural ingredients which prevent penetration of free radicals and chemical pollution particles. And finally, it provides SPF15 sun protection factor

This foundation comes in four shades: ivory, sand, golden & sun. I picked up the lightest one & have to say that it's not as light as you'd think considering it should be the palest shade. It suits my skin tone perfectly and I think it would suit more tanned me too. Overall, I really like the look & feel of this foundation on my skin. It feels very nourishing - it's definitely for dry skin (could be disastrous for oily!), it's got a good coverage and it stays on whole day. It doesn't feel heavy, rather creamy. I would compare it to Daniel Sandler's Invisible Radiance but way creamier with higher coverage, if that makes sense. It definitely makes for a lovely winter foundation, when you need an additional nourishment yet you need it to stay put in cold, wind & rain. 


Now to the best part - you can get this foundation (30ml) for £23.50 on this pharmacy website, or you can run into your local TKMaxx & get it for £3.99! Talk about bargain, huh?! I will be gutted when this runs out & will be probably forced to save up for another jar, urgh! Oh, I think this is the new packaging on the official website!

What's your favourite foundation at the moment?

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