Vivi in Stile... in Birmingham!

If you've been reading my blog for some time, you know that I'm a rather cheap girl. That did sound a tad wrong, haha! But yerr, I like my bargains, I like my cheap chippy, and I like tourist attractions that don't charge admission fees. However, every now & then I don't mind a little splurge here & there, especially when the splurge includes treating other people to nice things & times. The other day I got asked to use a new app called Vivi in Stile & discover Birmingham in the Italian style. How could a tourism student with passion for everything stylish & pretty say no to this, right?! So I took my boyfriend, grabbed my phone & set out for a night of Italian discovery in Brum. Where did the app take us?

The app itself is very straight forward, you can easily download if for both Apple & Android (it's for free!), confirm you are over 18 (as it includes some club & bar tips *wink*) & you can search all events, places, shops, restaurants and loads of other things stylish! Below you can see a few screenshots of the app - there are a few cities to pick from (London, Liverpool... & Brum, yay!) & I think it's actually a brilliant thing if you get a hotel in a big city & don't know what to do in the evening, you just use the app & get a list of lovely eating places/events to go to within literally seconds.     

We just fancied a quiet dinner in a nice restaurant with a few drinks, but didn't really want to go mainstream like Wetherspoons, we wanted something slightly more fancy! So we got of the train, switched on the app & within seconds it showed us a wide selection of stylish restaurants within walking distance. Did you know that there is a restaurant in a building of a former prison in Birmingham? And another one that serves just about all beers from all over the world? But then, I do have a thing for the atmosphere of Brindley Place, so we headed that direction. When we got there, we quickly checked the price ranges of all restaurants around us, what sort of food they offer (through the app, doh!) & headed to Piccolino - a little cosy Italian restaurant. We had such a lovely time, the dinner was absolutely fantastic (even just recalling the taste of the chicken in oyster & mushroom cream makes me dribble, mmm!) with very polite & helpful staff (we can't speak Italian at all so the menu was a bit tricky, haha!) and I'm pretty sure it wasn't the last time we had our dinner there!

Apps are sometimes so confusing to me, there are so so SO many of them, and it's so hard to pick the right one that won't have time consuming glitches & will actually be of any use to me! Vivi in Stile by Peroni is definitely one worth downloading though, even if you are local in your city, it will help you discover the top stylish bits & bobs from fashion to design & dining, which you may have missed! You can download it here for Apple & here for Android! I'm already excited about our next dinner out in Brum, I'm feelin' the former prison bar, but hey, who knows where Peroni will send us!

Let me know if you try it & what your impression is!
And also, if you're from West Midlands, where do you dine in style?

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