STILA in the light!

I love eye shadow palettes. I actually might be slightly obsessed with them (I do own every single MUA palette, oops!). What I do not like about palettes is that they are bloody expensive. Especially the ones that are so hyped up among bloggers (who does not want the flippin' Naked palette, right?!). So when I saw this little Stila palette In the Light on a blogsale for a tenner, I felt obliged to snap it there & then. Not only because it's got an eyeshadow called Kitten in it (ssshhhh, I'm not that superficial... or am I?!).     

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Stila has never been a bran I'd pay too much attention to, until it popped up in Poundland. Although Stila apparently didn't authorize their products being sold in Poundland, it was actually a good marketing strategy to be fair. I wouldn't have cared less about the brand without being able to try it for a quid! So here we go.. that's when the Stila thing started with me. Then I read somewhere that the In the Light palette has got a shade called in it & that the consistency is really buttery (like MUA) and yeh, I was pretty much sold.

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This palette is full of pretty neutrals with cute names (Bliss & Kitten, really?!) with very buttery consistency and great vivid pigmentation. It's the perfect palette to pop into your bag when your goin' for a weekend away, the shades are literally joy to work with and there seems to be a decent amount of product in each pan. What I'm a bit dubious about is the packaging which is... paper. I might be just used to the sturdy plastic MUA packaging too much, but really, paper and eyeshadows are just not match made in heaven. You can see that it was already a bit tatty when I got it (and it was almost unused!), so the state of it after a few months is just.. well, I wouldn't really want anyone else to ask me to borrow it from me, it would make me look like a right piglet.  

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This palette should also include an eye liner, however I got it off a blogsale for a tenner so it came without it (not that I mind, I already have way too many eyeliners anyways, haha!).

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I think this palette is absolutely gorgeous, I love all the shades in it (it's a lovely mixture of shimmers & mattes) and apart from the packaging, it's such a great quality product! You can get it in a number of online shops - the official Stila website for £25 or Sephora for $39.

Have you tried any Stila products before?
Which one would you recommend me to try next?

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