Finishing my degree and my old job, together with starting a new job (let's hope it's a career maybe? *crosses fingers*) took its toll not only on my lifestyle (read terrible eating habits and sleep pattern) but also on travelling, the thing I love probably the most (together with blogging, reading books and being an irrational idiot). Do you remember the last time I went to Czech Republic? No? Well, I don't either. Thanks God I blogged about it so I now can say that it was almost a whole massive longhuuusive year ago. A YEAR AGO. How did that happen?! Guess this explains that when I got five days off work, the first thing I did was booking flights to the homeland. Oh yes. Here are a few snaps from the infamous journey to 'spring-like' Czech Republic.  

For those of you who may not know - I'm from Southern Bohemia - the part of Czech Republic where all you can find are forests, lakes, fields and villages (not literally, but close enough to create this shadow of a doubt). The horrible (terrible, horrible, tremendously stupid) mistake I made was that I flew from London to Brno. Brno is in Moravia, a totally different (and way too distant) part of the Republic, where foxes don't go to sleep and people drink wine instead of water (stereotypical or statistical?!). It took me 5 flippin' hours on train to get home and I had to stay over at my friend's on night number one, just because there were no trains or coaches goin' anywhere past 4pm. Oh what joy. My friend was amazing though, cooked me dinner and kept me entertained for hours - was so happy to see her!

On the top of that - it was absolutely freezin' in Czech Republic, with loads of snow and cold wind - and I was totally dressed for that sort of weather, as I always am (not). Bein' home with my family was great, no matter how cold it was, and I had a lovely time really. Am comin' back in July to make up for the Christmas' and birthdays' I've missed in past few years!  

Can't wait to cuddle those little mini goats and ponies again in summer, gonna be fun! Also, not that you'd expect any less of me, but hey, thought I should mention - I bought loads of crap I don't need back home and will be showin' it off soon on ze blog, so keep an eye on the foreign strangeness!

For those who don't live with parents anymore, do you miss that 'home'?
What do you do not to feel too homesick?