Hot accessory trends for summer 2013

Me telling you what's on trend? WHAT?! Nah, I'm just joking. I'm definitely not the one who should be tellin' anybody what is hot and what is not. As you know, I'm what you'd class as trendlessness in its purest form. But - I thought that a little advice (for me and you!) on this summer's accessory trends might come handy. And since I'm unable to give it myself, Sophia Brown, a student of creative writing, came to my rescue! This lady is always on the lookout for the latest trends on campus and around the city. As a student with limited funds (who does not have limited funds nowadays?!) she believes in the importance of adding accessories to freshen up an outfit. Sophia's got experience, skillz, education - this might be a rare post where you can actually learn something new, so go on & have a read!

It's that time of year again! With the spring season well underway already, it's time to look ahead toward summer fashion trends, and for many of us, the warmest season is also the most fun to shop for. Of course, you've probably noticed a few of the popular trends already. Whether you tend to shop at local fashion boutiques or larger stores like Marks and Spencer, there's no escaping catalogue covers and window displays flaunting the hottest new styles.

But, among the neon sundresses, the graphic prints, and the water-themed clothing so prevalent in summer fashion guides, some of the smaller details can be overlooked easily. For example, think accessories! As you go shopping to update your wardrobe for the summer, there are a few wonderful accessory trends you may want to take advantage of. Here are 5 specific ones to consider.

1. Geometric jewellery
Any look at summer jewellery trends for the coming months is sure to mention geometric patterns. The fun thing about this trend is that it's very versatile, and can show up in a number of different ways. Whether it's a necklace of geometrically patterned plate metal, or a drop earring featuring distinct shapes of silver or gold, geometry is easy to play with, and makes for jewellery both modern and trendy.

2. Bold sunglasses
There is a number of specific sunglasses trends worth noting this coming summer, but the general tie-in between them is simple: bold! Whether it's large glasses with striped frames, white frames with black lenses, neon frames, or even the classic oversized black-on-black, sunglasses are not shy in the summer of 2013.

3. Clasp bags
Clasps are always handy in the summer, as they can keep everything light and casual, and this year is certainly no exception. And when you consider the chic lego clasp featured by Chanel this season, it's clear that there are a lot of creative and fun options out there that can make your clasp not just convenient, but a specific talking point.

4. Mixed shoes
Shoe trends are always varied, and heading into this summer you could assemble a whole wardrobe with popular shoes. One particularly interesting trend to consider, however, is the mixing of materials and colours in shoes. Heels, summer wedges, and even flats are frequently being featured with mixed materials and colours, making for a bold and inventive look.

5. Colourful jewellery
Getting back to jewellery for a particularly fun summer style, colour is all the rage. This trend manifests itself with many different specific types of jewellery, from gemstones, to coloured beads on more casual pieces, and even through rose gold, which is certainly trending upward. 

Thank you Sophia! The one trend that I see as the most intriguing is the shoes made of mixed materials and colours. Sounds a bit like a DIY calling to me - maybe a cheerful flower drawing on my old white pumps? Or a golden cuff with black casual heels? Hmm... too many options! *scratches head*

Which one of these 5 trends are you gonna try to pull off this summer?

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