I love chocolate (although I do sometimes have a slight allergic reaction to it, erm random!), but I absolutely hate chocolate buttons. They are the most boring unappealing piece of chocolate I can even think of. Here, I said it. Bleurgh, chocolate buttons! There's only one way how to make chocolate buttons wow me - & that's to put a kitten face on them! So how do I solve this very first world problem? These long dark cold and rainy summer nights I spend running around my little kitchen making my own kitten face chocolate buttons. Because I'm cool like that.

That must be difficult I hear you say. Nope. I can do it - anyone can do it. All you need is chocolate - up to you what kind, I grabbed the cheapest one I found (Asda's good - unless you want breadcrumbs - that's when things get tough & employees start to pretend they can't speak English - true story!) and some cat silicone moulds (E-bay's better than good at this - you find there any silicone mould shape you can think of!). The easiest way to melt chocolate is to put a pot (with the chocolate bar broken up into smaller pieces) in a pot (I used a mug in a pot - with water in it). Start warming up the whole thing on a hob & baaam - your chocolate's melted within seconds! Now pour the melted chocolate into the moulds (a tip of the chef - rinse the moulds with cold water first!), scrape of any excess with a knife and put it on a side to cool down (or even fridge).  

Et voila - kitten chocolate buttons! They are the perfect treat for children cat-obsessed ladies as well as anyone who thinks that simple chocolate buttons are a bit crappieto. I actually made a few for my night in with Justin last Sunday - we watched Miss Potter (yes, I cried & I'm not ashamed.. maybe a little *cough*) and played board games. I don't even know what happened - maybe I'm just getting old, but these nights in with a good chocolate cake & soppy movie are becoming my recent favourite - definitely better than spending money (which I haven't got) on goin' out. Well, there's a survey from Ladbrokes Bingo which shows that over 60% of UK women prefer nights in, so I guess I'm not such an anti-social weirdo after all, right? 
And if you don't like my pretty kitten buttons, then check out these chocolate cats Terri made! Wish Muji was still makin' these cat moulds - her cats look more chocolatey than mine, urgh!

 What's your favourite night-in treat?