The black tote

I'm one of those who take just way too long to jump on a band wagon. I think there might be something wrong with me in that department to be honest - every single time people start hypin' up a product, a song, anything really, I ultimately dislike it. I don't even care what it is or how flippin' amazing it is - I just do not like it. As soon as the hype is off, I'm on it. Illogical? Definitely. And this does not affect beauty products only - I could not care less about Origins at the moment, it affects everything - I can't give a damn about the new Superman movie and I even used to dislike Mumford & Sons - who I absolutely adore now the hype's gone! Now, do you remember when everyone was so cray cray about the black tote from Zara? Yup, the time has come, the hype has gone - I'm on it!

When everyone was mental about these basic black handbags I was rather indifferent - it's a flippin' black bag, what are you people on about?! But then I saw one in a shop, held it in my hand, smelled the handbag-newness, I realized I do need one after all. So I started searching online and learnt one crucial (and for me rather fatal) fact - the better looking the tote is, the higher the price tag is. Dammit! An obvious destination for black totes is the mighty Zara. You can get a black Zara tote for about £50. But no - the one I really like is the one for £109. Brilliant. And then I went on Cruise Fashion. It's safe to say that people who can afford spending a few hundreds on a handbag... should not go on this website - because you won't leave without a few of them, at least! Their section on designer handbags is surreal - I find that designer websites often tend to have the wrong stock, things that just look cheap but you have to pay a lot for them - Cruise Fashion is different. They stock just the best things! My favourite is this Alexander McQueen bag - it's exactly what I want my black tote to look like. Oh, the pipe dreams...

Where is YOUR black tote from? 

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