What can you do when you're absolutely skint but still want to buy something? Go on E-bay, yes. And because E-bay is such a vast area of unknown the only thing you can think of searching for are 'cute phone cases', 'Korean cosmetics' & 'cat books'. I'm that sad. After pressing a few okays (which does not seem to involve any money transfers - Paypal money is not real money) & few weeks of tryin' not to forget what you actually bought (and that you did buy something!), your postman brings you the most random crap you could ever think of. But for now, let's just call it my three-cat E-bay haul, okay?

 Cookie's IQ happens to be one of the major arguments me & Justin seem to encounter lately. So when I saw someone selling a book called Test Your Cat - The Cat IQ Test for less than a quid (including postage!) I was on it! Yesterday we spent over an hour testing Cookie's co-ordination skills, communication skills, reasoning ability and social behaviour - which included tasks such as tickling his ear with a pencil and observing whether he can juggle a ball with his paws (ya know, the usual thing couples do on Tuesday night), and although I was convinced that Cookie is an ASBO-case and Justin kept saying that Cookz' co-ordination skills are below zero since he keeps running into walls a little too often, Cookie took us by surprise & turned out to have a superior IQ (together with just 2% of cat population!). Who would have thought, who would have thought... *pats Cookie's head proudly* 
The book is really tiny (makes you question the RRP of £4.99), but I really like the drawings in it - might try to draw & then frame some of them for my 'arty wall' (will show you some other day, don't you worry!). 

If you remember this post, then you know that I'm a little phone-case obsessed - and the fact that the cases have literally rubbed off the paint of my Samsung ain't stopping me (or I should say that now I actually need the cases to hide my hideous phone, eh!). Ecell is my favourite E-bay phone case seller ever! Not only that they sell cases for Samsung Galaxy S (all the new cases are for S3 or even S4, urgh!) & for loads of other phones, but they sell really funky cat-inspired illustrated cases (for about £5). The one below just made me laugh so much!  

Finally, I got this Tony Moly Cat's Wink 3GO mascara (costs about £4). This is one of my favourite mascaras and the one I had before already started to dry out so I grabbed this one. I think this is actually my 3rd one - and the only difference is that this is 3GO which I guess is some special edition so I have to see how I get on with it. So far so good I have to say! And even if it was a bit crappy - who could say no to that cute kitten face on it, huh?!

Now you're probably asking how can she buy these things and say that she's so skint in one sentence? I'm a hoarder - I hoard whatever I can - and when a hoarder runs out of money, what can she do? Sell some of her old stash! Apart from the obvious - selling your  things on E-bay, you can go for a quicker deal - either go & throw a car boot sale or send off your unwanted things to special websites which help hoarders like me. One of them is Music Magpie (I'm sure you've seen their commercial on telly!) - you can sell CD's online to them and they pay you straight away. You can even input the bar code of the CD you own into their online database & it tells you straight away how much you get for it! Smart, innit! They also accept DVD's, clothes and all sort of gadgets & things.

How do you earn some extra cash for things you absolutely don't need?