Exercise & motivation

I'm not the one who should be talking about motivation and exercise in one breathe. I'm almost what you'd call an anti-sports person. When I was little (well, really until I was about 15) I used to ride horses - a lot. My parents have a farm and have always had horses of all shapes (usually getting rounder and rounder the longer they stayed with us because my dad doesn't believe in a horse diet), colours and sizes. So that was my exercise sorted. But then I started work, uni, moved to the UK, and this all went out of the window. Then there was a period when I used to go to gym a little but too much which made me more ill than healthy (as my body wasn't used to so much exercise). And until now I was fully dedicated to my bed. But - Justin is an athlete. Like, an actual athlete - he's a professional hurdler, swimmer, and God knows what else - so the pressure begins.  
Justin pretty much runs every other day, does squats, jumps around the flat and has got a large collection of strange Lycra outfits *cough cough* - which made me think: how can I motivate myself, maybe if I got some nice leggings and a top I would be as dedicated as him? Well, not really, but it feels like an 'allowed' shopping since it's something I'm doin' for my health, right? Now, shopping in general is quite a struggle for me - things are too ugly, things are too expensive, lights in changing rooms make me look horrid.. ya know, the same old, and as I expected, shopping for home exercise sessions has proved even more difficult. I don't like neon - well, I really do, but I don't like it on myself, I don't like things too tight, I don't like Nike logo, I don't like my arms out.. *sigh*

Have I got far in my exercise efforts? Well, in a way. I have bought the 30 Day Shred DVD. That's a good start me thinks. I also bought two weights to go with it - I'm gonna have muscles of steel one day! Now all I need to get is some decent outfit (for motivational purposes - of course I could jump around and sweat in my old sweatpants but what would that be for motivation?!). I've got a strong dislike for brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma etc. I don't really know why - the brand logos, the colours, the material.. *gags* There are only a few brands that caught my eye so far. The first one is Zaggora and their magical hot pants. Even big bosses like Terri Lowe owns a pair - means they can't be bad, right? But do I really want to sweat more than I already do? *cringe* Then I really like the sportswear collection by Lucas Hugh. I sleep in designer bottoms, so why couldn't I sweat in a designer bralette?! The prints in his collection are lush and not sports-looking at all - I'd say they almost look elegant & chic! But because sadly, I'm not a millionaire, I might need to pop into H&M and pick up some of their sports pieces. They are not bad at all, they are not sports-branded, they are not too tight and they have some nice purple shades! Why not, at least I won't feel sorry that I'm sweating through my £50 bralette, ha!

And remember - there are no excuses, just choices! So it's totally up to you - you either stay in your bed or you gonna go for a run.

Do you exercise?
What do you do to keep fit?

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