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Now we got rid of all the grumpy people, we can get on with today's cat-induced post. It's purely about cat inspired materialism - for people who are cat bonkers like me. I think I will make this a little series post, which is quite rare here but I feel like I've come across so many cat inspired things I need to show you that it would definitely not fit into one single post. So buckle up & hum 'internet iz made of caz' tune.

LION CAT HAT. A hat that turns your cat into a lion. How can any cat owner not need this?! When I have got spare £33, this is the first thing I'm buying. No joke.

CAT LADY BADGE of HONOR. I'm just a little tempted to form a band with Terri & Vikki, just because we could all get these little badges and be like one big happy cat family. Yes, I am a moron, but it the thought of it does make me rather happy. Although you can buy these little badges on Etsy - made by talented Stoic & Pariah, I'm toying with the idea of making one or two myself. Yeah, I'm that person who goes on Etsy for inspiration rather than for the shopping experience itself. Don't judge me.   

MINIATURE TOTEM NURSERY. I'm actually not sure what these are for, but they are so adorable that I guess they don't even need to have any purpose, other than just being cute. The little kitten is beyond pretty, innit! *cuddles* 

CAT BUM BOOKMARK. Apparently these bookmarks are customizable and if you send the seller a picture of your cat's bum, he will make you one that looks identical!! Wonder whether he would be able to make a fluffy Cookie bum if I sent him a picture..  

TEMPORARY CAT TATTOOS. Harriet Gray is not only an Etsy seller, she's a blogger too. She makes loads of pretty cat (rabbit, dog etc) items with her signature drawings - check out her blog, you won't be disappointed! If I could I'd buy it all - she makes cat bunting, cat pillows, cat wrapping paper, cat coin purses.. you name it. And if someone forced me to have a real tattoo one day, I'd ask her to draw a Cookie face for me!  

CAT DEER LEGGINGS. Because no one would think you're a nutter wearing these shmexy cat with antlers leggings. As the seller says - they are there peeking out of your boots as if to say 'hi'.    

CAT IN A FISH BOWL NECKLACE. For those who have got a little bit more sense left in them, a cat in a fish bowl necklace might be the right thing. This must be the cutest cat necklace I've ever seen - not only that the kitten looks a little bit too much like Cookie but is on the same brain wave too, haha!   

CAT CUSHIONS. These are actually off E-bay and cost about a fiver each, which is not too bad for such a load of kitten cuteness! Anyways, I will be attempting to make these myself - as soon as I get my hands on some textile paint. Looks like these could turn out too be a fairly simple yet effective DIY. 

What's your favourite cat item?