Ever struggled with a small space? Especially with a small kitchen? I've been living in my flat for almost a year now & I could not figure out how to utilise the space in my tiny kitchen. It's so small I can't even have a microwave, because there's literally nowhere to put it! *sigh* Not long ago my mum sent me a picture off Pinterest with a massive DIY kitchen wall system - basically a piece of wire netting stretched across a wall with loads of hooks to hang kitchen utensils on. I thought wire netting was a bit too adventurous to play with so I had a little think. What could possibly work in a similar manner? A TRIVET. You know the metal ones that look like thick metal netting. Now look what we've done with them!

So what are we gonna need?
  • an empty kitchen wall 
  • trivets - depending on how large you want your wall system to be - we picked 4 altogether (Lamplig trivet from IKEA is only £4) 
  • hooks - you can get either metal or plastic ones, the metal ones are obviously sturdier and you can get 10 pieces for a quid in IKEA
  • baskets - optional, we got these wire ones from IKEA for £1.50 each  
  • a few nails
  • a hammer 
  • kitchen utensils that you can hang - we got a few new spoons, pots & ramekins in celebration of the new wall system, ha!
  • a boyfriend who can put it all together - can possibly be replaced by a brother/dad/friend/grandad - anyone who's willing to nail a few trivets to the wall for you

Here's a little step by step guide to the amazing budget kitchen wall system me & Justin put together!

Measure it - nail it - hang it

Can't be easier than that, can it?! You can obviously experiment with different trivets, different hooks and baskets - and you can also hang up more things than we have - Justin keeps sayin' that we should get another trivet and hang all our mug & cups on it!

(excuse the yellow tinted images, there's no window in my kitchen hence there's no natural light at all *sigh*)

This post is a part of Home Improvement Hero challenge by Money Supermarket. You can read more about this challenge here. 

How do YOU deal with small kitchen spaces?