Top 10 apps you need on your phone

I can vividly recall the day when I said to my mum that I was never gonna shave my legs because I'm not like all the other girls - and shaved them a week later. Exactly the same goes for the day when I said I was never gonna get a smartphone because I only need my phone for calls & texts. *snobbish snort* Whenever I say never, it has become almost a rule of thumb - it will happen; and it will happen sooner rather than later. So it happened - I got a smartphone. And as soon as I said I didn't need any apps, my phone collapsed from the strain of all the app downloads. *sigh* Now, almost 3 years later, I can proudly say that I'm able to pick 10 most useful apps that I've been enjoying & I can officially recommend to you!

  • Instagram/Twitter/Vine/Facebook: Probably the most obvious apps you can get - and most likely one of the main reasons smartphones exist! The world just wouldn't be the same if you couldn't post a picture of your dinner or tweet about that annoying person on the train, right?
  • Whatsapp/Tango/Skype: Communication. Let's just say that phone calls & texts might not be on the top of the communication ladder anymore. I don't even remember the last time anyone texted me. Oh, wait, I do - it was O2 reminding me to pay my bill, meh. Whatsapp is obviously the one to use at the moment - if anything, you can send cute cat/tractor/poo pictures to other people for free. Also, havin' my family abroad, I obviously like being accessible via my phone at all times - and the best way I've discovered is Skype. Call me crazy, but my mum went grad dress shopping with me - via Skype. True story.  
  • E-bay: If you're a blogger yourself, you surely know that blogging comes hand in hand with hoarding. Not only hoarding of samples, but also hoarding of anything you feel like you 'should blog about' even though you've never really needed/wanted it in first place. I've been regaining some self-control lately, but when my blog was a little baby and I was just starting my beauty/fashion collection, it was plain horrid. Now the time has come to chuck/donate and sell things I don't want/need anymore. With the E-bay app, you simply scan the product's code, fill in the E-bay template and voila - you can count your pennies! 
  • Bloglovin: Did you know that Bloglovin has got its own app?! YES! It's best thing since sliced bread. Bloglovin app is just a simpler version of the website, which allows you to read your favourite blogs anywhere, anytime!  
  • Shazam: SHAZAAAAM IT! Yes, Shazam is such an essential app that the word itself has become a verb. You can shazam in your car, in a shop, in public. No, you dirty birdie! Shazam is no 18+ app, no way. If you switch Shazam on when you hear a song you like, Shazam tells you what song it is, who's singing it and even what album you can find it on! Absolute genius!
  • MP3 Music Download: Now you've shazammed the songs - what next? If you're on Android, you probably don't have iTunes, therefore you want some free software that runs through free mp3 databases; hence allows you to download free mp3's onto your device! There are loads of similar apps, but this one has proved the easiest to use for me. It works very much like the first simple music sharers on PC's - type in, search, save as. Done. 
  • Aldiko E-book/Kindle: I know, I know, smartphone displays are so small! BUT - you can either get the new Samsung Note or the new Sony Xperia and you're sorted. Now download an e-book software (Aldiko offers less books, but for a bit cheaper than Kindle app) and some e-books & get reading! I read Hunger Games on my Samsung Galaxy when on holidays because I only took the first book but read it in a day & then couldn't wait another week to get home & finish reading the sequels, I had to read them there & then!
  • Lookbook: Do you like 'inspiring' yourself by staring at other people's outfits? If the streets are not interesting enough for you, try Lookbook. Uber simplified version of the online website - you're basically just scrolling through a sea of outfits. 
  • Pose: If you know Lookbook by heart by now, you can spice it up by using Pose. It's pretty much a solid upgrade of Lookbook - with all the extra swanky things you can do via your smartphone - e.g. clicking through pictures to retailers websites, commenting, hearting, sharing, as well as creating your little wardrobe of the best pieces.  
  • Shopstyle: Enjoy window shopping? Why not to do it when you're waiting in a queue in a shop - let's say you're just getting a bit of ahead of yourself & the queue maybe? Shopstyle allows you to search a massive load of shops - all under one smartphone roof. You can filter by location, price, colour etc so if you're savvy enough, you might be able to plan your whole shopping trip while on the train to your shopping destination!  
Now one last applause - or not - for probably the worst app ever? Brafitter allows you to post pictures of your breasts (in a bra) online where other Brafitter users can judge whether your bra fits you. Erm, yeah. Awk. 

What's your MUST-HAVE app?

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