Me & Justin have been goin' for quite a few trips lately - the weather has been so nice that it would be rude to stay at home, innit! And since most of the trips were mostly road trips (apart from a plane or train here & there), we managed to compile quite a few mix CD's on the way. Hence the ultimate summer driving playlist challenge was a no brainer for us! Check out mine & Justin's favourite summer tunes (& Justin's first official contribution to Cityscape Bliss - you might as well get used to his rambles, I've got a feelin' he's on a bit of a bloggin' wave recently, haha!).

My playlist is very upbeat, I love all songs but it's hard to listen to the lyrics and meaning in those songs when you're driving or cycling. Songs that don't necessarily have meaning behind them but will always get you off your feet and want you to do something whether its bobbing your head in the car or making you pop a wheelie while cycling (immature but great fun). Check out some of my 10 favourite upbeat songs.
  • Wombats: Moving To New York ⇢ If you have never heard of 'Wombats' they are a band from Liverpool who I thought were originally from Australia! Check out their album 'A Guide To Love, Loss And Desperation'. If you listen to this album, be prepared to sing, dance, clap, shake and whatever to the whole of this album.
  • 30 Seconds to Mas: This Is War ⇢ Who knew Jared Leto can sing as good as he can act.
  • Scouting For Girls: I Wish I Was James Bond For the dudes out there this song is great for those times you go out shopping with your girlfriend knowing it's going to be a long day (unless you enjoy it). This song stops you from thinking about how long you're going to be shopping for and makes you think about buying yourself a suit, clothes and being like 007 himself. 
  • Chris Brown: Turn Up The Music ⇢ Chris Brown is an artist that you either love or hate, but to be honest the songs he has been making are really catchy. Every time you hear 'Turn Up The Music' it kinda makes you say 'ok' and before you know it you're driving 90 on the motorway.
  • Jessie J: Domino ⇢ You can't have a playlist and not have Jessie J on it, it just wouldn't be right!
  • Snow Patrol: Open Your Eyes ⇢ If you drive a lot and find that and you're either on the motorway or on a countryside lane and stuck behind a driver not driving to the speed limit, then this is the song for you. By the end of this song you will be like a F1 driver.
  • Wakey Wakey: Almost Everything ⇢ Such a simple, fast-paced song from start to finish.
  • Mumford & Sons: I Will Wait ⇢ I never thought that any artist could make folk rock so imaginative and easy to listen to until I heard Mumford & Sons.
  • Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Ft Ray Dalton: Can't Hold Us ⇢ A new artist that has brought himself to the scene with impressive beats that make your body move without telling it to.
  • Avicii ft Aloe Blacc: Wake Me Up ⇢ As far as collaborations go Swedish Avicii & American Aloe Black are two of the best I have heard in a long time (I want more).
My playlist is a tad different - I've got about zero sense for rhythm & I can only dance when absolutely smashed out of my face, so what I appreciate about good song is its lyrics. A quality song for me needs to either have a good storyline, lyrics that I can relate to or/and a story behind the idea of the song (historical facts, some super deep meaning of the world, ya know). Here's my top 10 for this summer:

  • Imagine Dragons: Radioactive ⇢ You know I'm rather obsessed with dystopian novels, so when The Host came out on DVD I had to snap it straight away (read I was waiting in front of Asda first thing in the morning & made a runner to the DVD section). Although I wasn't that impressed with the movie, the theme song made up for this disappointment.
  • Passenger: Let Her Go ⇢ You know when you're reading a book & listening to a song at the same time & then the song becomes a soundtrack for the book? I'm not actually sure what the theme song for The Silver Lining's Playbook is, but for me it's Let Her Go. Full stop.  
  • Birdy: People Help The People ⇢ Birdy. Do I have to say more? *wipes a tear*
  • Mumford & Sons: Dustbowl Dance ⇢ Dustbowl Dance is a theme song for the Delirium trilogy - in my head. I also read that the song is based on the actual historical events of the Dust Bowl drought in the US!
  • Of Monsters & Men: Little Talks ⇢ Hey! Hey! Sort of depressing but cheerful at once - guess that's how it goes in Iceland.
  • Smile Smile: Beg You To Stay ⇢ I'm so distraught that Smile Smile only made one album. It's the ultimate summer 'cuddly' album - a bit like She & Him, but ya know - Smile Smile version. Singing couples are the cutest! 
  • Good Charlotte: Silver Screen Romance ⇢ I remember the summer when my friend first showed me her Good Charlotte collection. I was like WTF. And that WTF quickly turned into a plain adoration. For every single song. I didn't even realize that they had a new album come out - Cardiology, until I found it in a local charity shop for some 3 quid. *high five*
  • Eminem: Space Bound ⇢ Is there anyone, anyone in the whole universe who doesn't love Eminem? For real. His latest album is just ace & it's hard enough to pick just one song!
  • Wintersleep: Astronaut Do you still believe in God? Said the preacher to the astronaut. This is what I mean by deep lyrics, yo. 
  • The Internet Is Made Of Cats WATCH IT. NOW.   

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What's your favourite summer song at the moment?
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