Feel free to read this article as a volume 2 of Kitty-kat inspolist, because yeh, well, it's mainly about CATS (although this time there is a mousie, a lemur and a pup for good measure). I come from a rather arty family (my dad & brother are both proper artists with exhibitions and all that buzz) so most of the pictures I've got in our flat are the ones painted/drawn by either me or one of them - but there are a few artists that I absolutely adore & would love to have their art on my wall! One of my recent discoveries is Judith Loske - a freelance illustrator & children book writer from Germany.
Scroll down only if you can bear the ultimate cuteness!
Judith Loske creates the most beautiful quirky illustrations of cats, mice & all things cute (especially pretty animals). The pictures remind me a little bit of Where the wild things are with their feel, however they are way less creepy (yes, I do think that Where the wild things are borders on horror genre) and would make not only lovely decoration for a children's room but even for your own bedroom (Terri's wall is a great example of where these would look perfect, haha!). You can now get these amazing illustrations as posters from Posterlounge, some for less than a tenner - that's a pretty damn good deal considering I've seen some of the most hideous posters in IKEA the other day - and for the same or higher price!
Where do you get your pictures from?

(all images from Posterlounge/Judith Loske website)