Last time the kitty-kat inspolist was all about Judith Loske & her adorable cat illustrations. Her drawings & paintings are beyond cute, so I thought today we could have a look at some inspirational contemporary cat art. It's very different from your regular cute cat illustration and I have to say upfront - I would be very selective while picking a painting for my living room, but at the same - it's so fascinating to realize that some people see cats in such a unique (& strange?) way that they incorporate them into art like this. Enjoy breathtaking assemblage paintings of cats & cats & more cats!

Below is just a little selection from Saatchi website (an ultimate online art market place). I wouldn't be afraid to say that there are hundreds of thousands of painting on Saatchi & at least a few hundred of them somehow work around the whole cat theme. I particularly like the one below - by a Serbian artist Selena Tabakovic - it's like a futuristic Leonarda da Vinci drew this! I also like the colourful cat face - by Spanish artist Anora Ashurova - think it would look beautiful in a flat with contemporary design! Here's a run down of the paintings I liked the most:

Would you have a contemporary cat painting in your living room?
Or is it just a tad too much to digest?