I think it's about time to tell you the story of Cookie's life (so far). Cookie was born as one of three tuxedo kittens in Kitts Green. His human parents decided that they already had enough cats, so Cookie, his twin brother & little short-hair sister went up on Gumtree, each for £25. At that time I decided that living in halls was boring enough & that I need a fluffy kitten in my life - so I went & found Cookie (curled up in a ball inside of a sofa). He had a little grumpy face on when I picked him up and looked like a ball of fluff rather than a cat - as the owners said a female ball of fluff. So I took Cookie home with me - well, first took him on train & then home! I bought him loads of pink & purple toys, thinkin' I got a little kitten girl.  

Cookie was a really playful kitten, especially at night. And very poopy, too. He was well trained though - so that hard bit was already taken care of by the previous owners. He was a bit scratchy & bite-y, but nothing you wouldn't expect from a kitten of 2 months. When I first showed him to my mummy (she's a vet, so thought she can check him out via webcam, haha!), she went: 'Oh, what a nice boy!' *awkward pause* 'Mum, it's a tom-cat.' Well, apparently he looked like a boy, my mum insisted. So I took him to a vet. The vet said that Cookie's bum is really fluffy, but he's a girl. After a month or so Cookie pulled a muscle on his back leg and he had to go to the vet again. Poor kitten, had to have a few injections and I had to give him drops through a syringe for next week. That visit at the vet's also proved to be crucial for another reason. Second check of his underbelly - this time the vet said that Cookie's weenie was so fluffy that he couldn't tell last time, but now he can see it so - Cookie is a boy! That day was really awkward - Cookie looked angry with me for treating him like a girl for more than a month, that sort of 'I told you' look. Oh wells. 

A few weeks later I got him a leash & Cookie went for his first walk in a park. Yes, he's a cat that goes for walkies - so what?! He also got his first round of fleas - absolute pain to have little kitten with fleas - and it costs a fortune! Cookie's a year and a few months now, he's grown into a very handsome cat - and a very naughty one too! He only eats food he likes (chicken and beef), only sleeps on his favourite part of the sofa and only plays with toys made of feathers. Spoilt, isn't he?! Either way, he is my little kitten and I've decided I'd like to have a photo of him turned into a wall art. Someone might think that I just lost it, but hey - Kate Middleton and all the royalz can have their portraits in their living rooms (didn't Andy Warhol have one as well?), so why not Cookz, right?

Now the question is - do I want a blown up A2 poster print or a painting? Poster prints are not difficult to have done - and would cost around £15. Not too bad! Or - I could ask my dad to make a painting for me. He's actually quite a painter - his works sell really quickly whenever he's got an exhibition on, so would be sort of like having a Gogh's painting of my cat, isn't it! Oh dear, the choices. I shall ask Cookie what he's prefer, haha! And to be fair, I think Vikki should consider that as well - her ragdoll Merlin is a stunner!  

PS: By the way - you can also print business cards with printed.com - another thing you will be reading about very soon!

A blown up poster or painting?
Whatcha think?