There are so many festivals on in August, it's unreal - from the Hull Fake Festival to Reading and Liverpool! Now, I'm not gonna lie - I hate festivals. Festivals are dirty and loud and there are always too many tents and people in wellies for my liking, but what I hate even more than festivals is my friends moaning that they got this or that stolen/damaged while at a festival. For Christ's sake, people - when you're going to a place like a festival or a campsite & you know you will be sleeping in a tent, think twice about what you're taking with you (& on you!). 
Allianz Your Cover have done the job for me & conducted a survey on this - 1 in 3 festival goes will lose their belongings or have something stolen from their tent. Oh dear. The above infographic gives you some basic advice that even absolute festival newbies can follow and therefore they can decrease the risk of having their first festival being ruined by unpleasant memories of having their phone/camera stolen.    

Have you been to a festival before?
Have you been the unlucky 3rd one who got something stolen?
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