Back in business: blogger business cards

You may have noticed that Cityscape Bliss has had a little design makeover lately (if you haven't then - what is wrong with you?!). And with a new design and a new logo comes the question of business card reprint. Do you remember my old business cards? You can check them out here. The new ones are so much more swankier, I have to say!

The front of them has got my new logo on it - yes, I've got my cat on my business cards, so what?! And the back - the place where all the coolness is - has got my contact details, blog address and... wait for it... a QR code! Oh yes. Now you don't have to type my blog address into your browser, you can just scan it! Muhaha. What a 21st century blogger I am.    

The company that printed them for me is 123 Print & honestly, it took me less than 5 minutes to complete the order. You just upload the design on the front and on the back (or alternatively you can just type in the information without excessive formatting) and you're good to go. What I appreciated the most about these is that the design is 100% flexible - you can do whatever you want with it, place the images wherever you wish to and work with the formatting to the max. Brilliant! And the prices are starting at just £2.59 for 50 business cards (what a ridiculous bargain!).   

What do you think about blogger business cards?
Excessive or pretty handy?

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