I don't like English tea. Yuck. (oh ehm gee - how does she dare say that?!) How does that even make sense - to put milk in tea. To me it's just as strange as eating prawn crisps on a side of spag bol. Each to their own I suppose - someone would probably find it very eye-brow-raising if they saw me drinking a rose bud tea. I've been brought up to believe that tea should be made of leaves, herbs, pieces of fruit.. like someone said to me before - my tea is just warm water with random crap in it.
Rose bud tea is slightly different from your regular herbal/fruit tea but it too has a number of health as well as therapeutic benefits. Let's have a look at a few of them:  

eliminates toxins from your body: cleanses your body, and therefore can help with infections, such as chest and throat infections
helps digestions: when your digestive tract is inflamed or the bacteria there is not in the right balance, rose bud tea can give an immediate relief
relieves fluid retention: therefore relieves the strain on your kidneys, it also cleanses your liver and gall bladder   
remedy for period pains
therapeutical effects: not only that drinking rose bud tea makes you feel like a princess, it also has uplifting effects on your spirit and can even work as a mild anti-depressant 

The rose bud tea I've been using is this one from Silver Lantern (bought via Not on the high street e-shop) and it's basically a pure rose bud tea from Iran (some rose bud teas are sold as mixtures with black/green leaf tea). To make this tea, I use my Ikea glass tea pot which makes preparation super easy - thanks to the round sift in the middle.  The tea itself is very sweet, almost honey sweet and smells like fresh roses (and almost like a bit of Jasmin!).. nom nom nom!
An extra tip: use warm (not boiling hot!) water when making your tea, that way you get the best taste

What's your favourite tea?
Have you ever tried a rose bud tea?