Another day in the 'Independent Brum' series with a recommendation for another top notch student venue that you can't miss! Custard Factory. Yup, it used to be an actual custard factory (I sort of wish it still at least smelled like custard, nom nom nom), but recently has been transformed into a haven for independent shoppers. If you're looking for vintage, handmade, or just different shops, this is your zone. 

I used to go there a lot when I was at uni. There used to be a massive ramp for skaters, which I'm not sure still exists - but the skater shop is still there! There is this sweet little hidden shop with vintage furniture - you know, US-style postboxes, metal storage cabinets, old school chemists shelves.. And then there is also Mr Bird's Emporium (I was there when Mr Bird first opened their doors for customers - read more here). Urban Village is also part of Custard Factory - with the coolest record shop in their basement. If you're not in mood for shopping, you can just sit around and admire the stunning architecture (ya know, dragons and giant trolls on the walls) or sit down in a local cafe.     

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