This week's installment of Snuggly paws is here! Yay! I'm so excited, to say the least, that Stephanie from Stephanie Pomfrett has agreed to share a little more about her snuggly kitty Bronte - I love them both a little bit too much, shhhh!  

Stephanie is a busy mummy, but while taking care of her family (& the little Miss Bronte), she runs two blogs (yes, TWO! *jaw drop*) - Stephanie Pomfrett (where she writes about all things pretty & interesting - sit down with a cuppa & share your thoughts on Edgar Allan Poe here or check out her new nail polish fave from Butter London here) & The Realistic Mums' Club (where together with Belle du Brighton, she writes about everything mummy-related). Now, let's hear the story about this Bronte lady.

Before I introduce you to Bronte, I have a confession to make: she’s not actually the first Bronte in my life. Growing up, we had two other Brontes- one a cute but mental feral cat who came to us as a kitten and ran off one day when she heard an air freshener being sprayed and Bronte II, a remarkably sweet cat who survived a hit and run attack. Bronte III is named in honour of this cat (my now-husband was very taken with her and decided we should have a Bronte too.)

Now, if you follow me on any social media, you’ll know what a complicated relationship I have with my cat. She’s gorgeous, but incredibly stupid. Her idea of hunting is nicking the kitchen sponge from on top of the window, or taking our neighbours’ kitchen sponges and/or socks. When she brought home her first mouse in over a year the other week, I didn’t know whether to faint with shock or gush with pride!

Bronts has lived with us for five years; she came to us as a one-year old rescue cat who’d had two litters of kittens before she was dumped at the shelter. Apparently, her former owners had wanted to breed kittens that looked like her. Brilliant. Anyway, we went to the shelter thinking we wanted to rehome a hard to home cat- male, older, longhaired and black or black and white. However, I saw Bronts (who was then known as Maisie) being bullied by another cat. I went over to stroke her and she licked my hand. We took her immediately.

That’s not to say it’s been an easy ride. Before I had my son, Bronte could get a little bit Single White Female over Benn, my other half. Sometimes, I felt like I was interrupting something when I walked into my own living her room. Her reaction to the baby was even weirder- she hated him, yet took every opportunity to try and sit in his pram, cot or high chair when he wasn’t in it.

Slowly, however, she’s really taken to him. She tolerates his boisterousness and is mellowing into a really sweet cat. She knows when one of us is ill. Recently, D and I were poorly and she never left our sides (unless it was to eat. The girl sure does love her food!) She is usually aggressive with her affection, but she was quiet and just sat beside us as we watched endless episodes of In the Night Garden on the sofa.

She’s OK, I guess.

Thank you Stephanie & Bronte for sharing your story - oh Bronte, you little gorgeous girl, haha!
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