Snuggly paws are here! Since so many of you have got a soft spot for cute cuddly monsters, I decided that it would be nice to give y'all a chance to introduce your Mr & Mrs Snuggles to the readers of this blog. From now until... when there are no cuddlies to write about anymore, all Sundays will be reserved for the guest post series Snuggly paws! 

Meet Vikki from Victoria's Vintage (the sweetest girl with a larger dress collection than all bloggers of the world collectively & a very acquired taste of Cath Kidston prints) & her ragdoll babe Merlin (a sexy little big cat)!

I live at home with my parents, and after my last cat Magnus died, my Mum said we weren't getting any more pets. I was kind of okay with this, but then one day me and my Mum went to visit a family friend and she had the most beautiful cat! I'd never seen a cat so pretty before, with big blue eyes and a fluffy white coat. She told me the breed was a ragdoll, and I instantly started browsing for local breeders online, as I was sure that I needed a ragdoll cat! I thought my Mum would have needed persuading to get another cat, but she had also fallen in love with the idea of getting a ragdoll.

The characteristics of ragdoll cats include a docile and placid temperament and affectionate nature. The name "Ragdoll" is derived from their tendency to go limp and relaxed when picked up, like a floppy doll! It's so cute! So I found a breeder fairly local to me, and she was selling a litter of 5 kittens for £425 each. I went to visit them all, and settled on my kitten, a little boy who I instantly named Merlin. I named him Merlin because when I was a kid I had a big long haired cat called Magnus and I wanted a white version of him called Merlin! So I finally got him, after parting with a large amount of my cash.

My baby Merl settled in at home perfectly, and he spent his first few weeks sleeping on my pillow with me. He was only tiny! His favourite hobbies included shredding up my chair with his claws, and stealing my cotton buds from my dressing table. He used to have loads of favourite toys too, but now he's 1 year old, he's not quite so playful! He's a big lazy dollop in fact, and he's grown a lot. Ragdoll males grow very large and muscular, but don't stop growing until they're 4 years old.. so he's still getting bigger (and very heavy!).

Right now Merl is asleep next to me on his bed. He spends a lot of his time sleeping, and the rest of the time he just follows us around the house. When it's our dinner time, he wants his dinner too. When you go to the bathroom, he wants to come and sit on the rug whilst you're in there! Try and use the laptop, and he walks all over the keyboard and then lays down on it. He's also not the most agile of cats, as he wonders across my windowsill and drops all my trinkets off the edge. Fat cat got a big booty.

It's quite important that ragdoll cats remain indoors, as they're so laid back and placid, it's dangerous for them to go outdoors unsupervised. They've been known to approach moving vehicles and aggressive dogs, as they don't seem to fear anything, so they can end up getting hurt. Or probably stolen, 'cos he's so damn cute!! So we don't let him roam wild and free, but we still let him out in our back garden almost daily. He absolutely LOVES this, and he loves catching insects and stalking the birds. He's too fat and lazy to jump over the fence luckily, but he sure can run fast when he wants to!

His fur is the SOFTEST thing ever and he's so FLUFFY!! He's really big now though, he's not a cute little kitty anymore! I love his big blue eyes and little pink nose and paws. He's the best cat, and I love getting his snuggly cuddles when he comes to me at bed time. He's not always cuddly though, as sometimes he thinks it's fun to then try and bite me gently! Naughty Kitty.

Thank you Vikki & Merl for a lovely post, you two are the sweetest

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