It's been a while since the last kitty-kat inspolist, hasn't it? To make up for that, here's a special Christmas edition - a gift guide for cats & cat people alike! From cat food to a cat bow tie and rubber stamps with cats, this is a selection of my favourite cat things that will make any cat or/and a cat person happy!

Santa cat hat (99p, 99p Store): Obviously, the ultimate fashion piece your cat needs for the festive season is a Santa hat (& a collar). You can see Cookie modelling a Santa set from 99p Store. Very fancy, right? They come in different sizes, so I would advise go for a size bigger - cats have big heads, believe it or not - otherwise your little beast might end up looking like the above - with the hat on just one ear, oops! If you're into DIY, then go ahead and place your cat on a furry rug, in front of a fire place, under the Christmas tree & snap away - the ultimate personalized Christmas cards sorted.

Cat bow tie (£10, Not On The High Street): For a special occasion wear you might want to get your kitty a bow tie. Just because of this. You don't need more explanation. 

Moggy bag with treats (DIY + treats from your local supermarket): You know how some people bring you magnets from their trips? We bring treats. For Cookie. Once we got him this little moggy bag full of organic treats & since then we just keep refilling it! Now, you don't have to buy it - it's super easy to make at home. Stitch up a piece of cloth into a bag shape, add a string & a ribbon - et voila! You can get yummy kitten treats for as little as a pound!

Whiskas kitty stocking (£3, Asda): An alternative to the moggy bag - although a rather lazy alternative. You get two tubs full of treats & a wobby treat toy. They are apparently good for chubby cats because they push them to run about to get the treats - yeaah, Cookie is not a fan of these, but I always try! Might need to get him a cat treadmill next year, fat git.

Cat storage tin (£6, Catseye London): A present for both of you - can't go wrong, right? These storage tins are genius and so so affordable. You can store your jewellery in it, or you can use it for dry food for your cat. It keeps the dry food nice & fresh (I've noticed that when I buy the big box of dry food it sometimes goes mouldy at the bottom because Cookie doesn't eat it that quickly, ew!), so this tin is the perfect solution! And it looks absolutely adorable, too! 

Cat rubber stamp collection (£1, E-bay): Okay, these stamps are not the best quality - the glue is leaking and the rubber doesn't stay put on the little foam cubes, but they still work just fine! I use them for that little extra touch on greetings cards, envelopes and packages - just so people know it's from me before they even open it, haha! You can get quite a few different designs with different animals, so have a browse!

Cat notepads (£1 for a small one, £5 for a bigger one, Catseye London): These little notepads would be brilliant for either your little ones or to write down your cat's vaccinations etc. I use mine as a little to-do notepad - it's so small you can just throw it in your handbag & you won't even know it's there! The kitty pen is a souvenir I got from Redwings Horse Santuary when we went there for a day out (read more here), but I've seen them in a few charity/hospice shops, too.

Katy Perry Meow! EDP (£30 for 30ml, Boots): A cat perfume? Oh, what cat lover would not like that?! Even Cookie likes sniffin it! You can read a full review here.

Personalized cat ex libris (£10, Etsy): If you have a friend who you consider to be a bit of your private library, you might want to get them a personalized ex libris stamp. I've had so many people borrow books from me & never return them that I started stamping them. Haven't noticed much difference in the return rate, but at least my books are mine, haha!

Have you bought any cat themed presents this year?
What are you givin' your cat?