Cookie obviously got the most presents in this family, because he's our little spoilt brat, and since he's been playing with his new toys pretty much 24/7 since the 25th December, I thought it could be useful for you cat people out there to give you a quick rundown of his thoughts on them. Here's the first one - simple yet very popular with the kitty - Whiskas wobbly treat toy

He got this as a part of his Whiskas stocking which had 2 packs of Tempations treats & this little toy. It works on an uber simple principle - you fill up the toy with treats & the cat needs to play with it to get the treats out. You can get these toys on their own in most pet stores or even Poundland, and they don't cost more than £3. Cookie's had a few of these, bigger & smaller, but this one is an ultimate favourite. You can see that the attention doesn't wear off until he got the very last treat, haha! Watch him play!

Have you got your pets anything for Christmas?