With Christmas comes the festive spirit, jugful's of mulled wine, and the being-Santa pressure. How to eliminate that? Apart from promising yourself that next year you will start buying presents in summer instead & therefore won't be absolutely skint & depressed on the Christmas day, you might as well try to make the most out of this year's festivities. Have you spent all your money on treats for yourself and are running low on the gift-budget? Or your bills just rocketed sky high because your flat turns into a freezer unless you have your fan heater on 24/7? Been there, done that. And utilised what-you-already-own items to create pretty presents & then pretended they are from this amazing little craft shop in London? Been there, done that. Let me show you how to make pretty things from JARS

You can get plain Kilner jars from Wilko's or Asda, or similar ones in IKEA. They cost from £1 for tiny ones to about £4 for the largest ones and are super versatile

Jars filled with pretty things: You can fill your jars with loads of very useful (or less useful) things - and it's so easy to personalise them! I keep my tea lights & Yankee tarts in these and apart from this being a neat way of storing them, they actually look really cute on a shelf too! Put a string or a ribbon on them & voila - simple thoughtful presents! You can always put your spin on these - if it's making tags for them or customising the contents - maybe a jar full of marbles for your little cousin?

Jars filled with yummy things: I can guarantee that everyone's gonna be over the moon if you give them a jar full of sweets! You can either make them yourself or buy them from this website. You can pick 'n mix all sorts of retro sweets as well as pick the size of the jar. The sweets are proper old fashioned yummy things, which are pretty damn expensive in candy stores, so buying a pre-made jar might be a good way to save yourself a few pennies! You can always add your personal touch to the jar when it arrives, ya know.

Jars filled with useful things: Now this might be a rather advanced jar DIY, but it's still easily doable! I bought a towel rack, a few jars, a few hose ties & a handful of plastic cable ties. Put them all together, tied this here & there and here you go - a brand new bathroom storage! Our bathroom is super small & cramped so every little inch of space helps - I can imagine this would be a nice thoughtful thing to do for your girlfriend fellas, especially if she's a bit of a tidyin' freak like myself!    

Jars filled with all the beauty you can think of: Here are a few more ideas how to utilize jars that I pinned on my Pinterest. Some people turn into right geniuses when they get a jar in their hands!   

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