When a girl buys presents for her kitten, it's most likely to be something along the lines of ribbons, fluff & cuddliness. When you send a boy to buy presents for your cat, he's most likely to come home with some of the above. Yes, yes. These are the latest cat gadgets. Let's have a closer look at Justin's top 10 of cat gadgets that Cookie totally needs (& most likely will find under the Christmas tree - the spoilt brat). 
Kittyo (to be released in 2014, Kittyo): An interactive station that links to your mobile app and therefore allows you to play with your cat even when you're not at home. It operates via a webcam, a speaker and a treat dispenser. Don't think that cat toys will ever get more high tech than that! Not even babies have things like these, do they?!
Catit Grass Garden (£11.90, Amazon): Every cat needs grass in their life, at least once in a while - this stylish cat grass is absolutely perfect for your little munchkin! I normally grow Cookie's grass in a standard pot but let me tell you - it's a pain to get a little bit of soil in the middle of a big city when you've got no garden and it often goes mouldy, yuck!
Catit Massage Centre (£7.99, Amazon): Tired of brushing your cat every other day? This massage centre might be the answer. You spray a tad of catnip on the toy & your kitty basically grooms himself, ha!
Catit Fresh Water Fountain (£20, Amazon): Cookie suffer from bladder infections and crystal in his urinary tract so we have to filter the tap water before we give it to him (apparently city water can have chemicals in it that can cause UTI's in kitties, boo!). This water fountain filtrates the water and it keeps your cat entertained!
PamPurr Self-Grooming Cat Salon (£16, Amazon): Just like the Catit Massage Centre, this toy helps your cat with a bit of self-grooming.
Catit Play Circuit (£7.99, Amazon): This is Justin's favourite - this play circuit has a ball inside and every time the cat taps the ball, it lights up and speeds away. Apparently this will make your cat smarter, yeeah.
FroliCat Automatic Rotating Cat Laser (£20, Amazon): Cookie is obsessed with his laser toy. They are not brilliant, because they make your cat go a bit bonkers, but once in a while it won't kill him & it gives a flat-bound cat some much needed exercise. Cookie has learnt how to jump sky high on the wall when the light is on!
Litter Kwitter (£50, E-bay): If you haven't read this post, then go go go! You can now train your cat to use your toilet, oh yes! No more stinky poop on the floor or in the litter tray - now it's all in the toilet where it belongs. Just the flushing, just the flushing.
Catit Food Maze (£11.99, Amazon): Is your cat fat (like mine)? Get him this food maze - he will have to prove he's got some brainz before fillin' his tum!
Catit Comfort Zone (£13.50, Amazon): This is so sweet - especially if your cat is a bit older or tends to get ill. You can warm up/freeze the cushion on this bed and give your kitty the ultimate snoozy experience!

Have you tried any of these (or other) cat gadgets?
What do you normally get your cat for Christmas?