So many of my friends won't be celebrating Christmas this year, for one reason or another, and I can't help it, but it just wouldn't be right not to have any Christmas whatsoever. Christmas is not just about wrapping & unwrapping presents, and it's not just a religious holiday also celebrated by some 99% of atheists out there. It's the season of white duvets all over the countryside, gorgeous smell of vanilla rolls in your kitchen, loads of cuddles in front of your heaters & overall a rather needed period of peace (read even more stress) after long 52 weeks of the past year. What do you love about Christmas? 

THE WEATHER: My most favourite things about Christmas must be the weather. The real Christmas weather. I know I should be saying something like spending the time with my family & blah blah, but the thing is that my family is a few thousand miles away and I won't be spending my Christmas with them, so yarrrr, maybe next year. If I'm rich enough to afford the flight ticket, pahaha *sad laugh*. I took these pictures when I was back in Czech Republic, last year and the year before, when the weather was so beautiful! And by beautiful I mean some -20°C. I really wish for proper white Christmas this year, but considering the chances of snow in the UK are laughable to say the least, I'm not very optimistic. There's this nifty snow chance calculator online, where you can type in your location & it tells you whether you are likely to have snow on Christmas Day... Walsall, you absolute fail! 25%? That's not even a maybe. Urgh. Try your luck here if you dare!
THE DECORATIONS: With my slight obsession with DIY at the moment, I've come across so many pretty things I could make (most of them including jar DIY's, obviously)! Just to get you a bit excited - I'm gonna try & make my own snowglobes, muhaha. That shall be fun! Apart from that, I've always wanted to try to make my own straw Christmas tree decorations, but guess this will have to wait because you first have to get the right straw, then dry it, et cetera, et cetera. I got a whole lot of straw decorations from my parents for this Christmas, so I shall be using those - aren't they super sweet?! I also got a brand new nativity music box, which I'm gonna show you in a home decor post over the next few days (oh so exciting!). The nativity below is the one we have back home at my parents' - it's made out of paper but we've had it forever, I actually think it's some 20 or so years old!    
THE FOOD: Fooooood! Traditional Czech Christmas food is the best. We would normally have a carp steak in bread crumbs, potato salad with peas, carrots & shed loads of mayo & millions of different baked cakes & biscuits & sweets. This would be your Christmas dinner. On the day you would not eat anything, or just a fish soup, because if you manage to fast the whole day, you should see a golden piggy which brings you luck for the next year! Oh dear, I love Czech traditions and even here in the UK, I'm trying to keep as many as I can. It's such an easy, noninvasive & fun way to stay connected to your own culture. (note - that is not a carp in the picture below, that's a duck - some people don't eat fish so they can have a duck or chicken instead *nom nom nom*)  

Me & Justin are going for a little pre-Christmas trip next week - to the Lake District! I am so excited - it's actually quite possible that it snows there by that time, which would be amazing! Cannot wait!

What are you looking forward to this Christmas?