Merry Christmas everyone! 

Hope you're having a lovely day! Did you manage to wait up until midnight to open your presents? One of the advantages of being Czech is that I can open my presents after my dinner on the 24th, ho ho ho! Basically your whole Christmas Eve is my Christmas Day - so I went all out with the festivities this year & actually went ice skating in the afternoon, just before me & Justin had a festive dinner & opened half of our presents (the other half had to wait until midnight, erm, this morning, boo!).

Believe it or not, I used to be so good at ice skating! I used to go play ice hockey with boys on our pond in winter, serious! Unfortunately, it turned out that I'm not even able to walk on the ice anymore, oops! It took me good 10 minutes to let go of the railing, haha! After a half an hour or so, though, I was able to do a few laps without holding onto Justin like a scaredy cat & it was actually great fun! The ice there is much better than the one you get in an indoor ice skating rink & the atmosphere was just so festive & lovely - there are loads and loads of fairy lights everywhere and stewards who not only help you get up if you fall, but also take a picture or two of you (with your own camera) if you ask them nicely! After some ice skating fun, we headed to the ice rink bar where we got a cup of mulled wine & hot chocolate (with marshmallows & tons of whipped cream!), nom nom nom! Overall, it was one of the best activities I've done on a Christmas Eve, probably ever - so much fun & you avoid all the stressed Christmas shoppers trying to smack you for the last pork joint in Asda. 

Winter Skate is an open air ice rink in Centenary Square, the same place where you can find the new Library of Birmingham & the big ferris wheel. It's open every day (apart from today - 25th December) from 10am until 10pm until 5th January. The tickets cost £9 for an adult & £7 for a student. You can find more info here.

What have you done on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day this year?

Disclaimer: I have been kindly gifted 2 tickets for the Winter Skate. Thank you!