Spring, come faster please

Christmas gone. NYE gone. New Year's resolutions slowly goin' out of the window too. What is the next one in the line? SPRING! Even though we haven't had a real winter here in the UK yet, it looks like both the people & the stores are slowly getting ready for the next season. And I don't mind. Not a single bit. Here's a little sneak peek into my spring wardrobe prep

I've promised myself to try & put more effort into dressing up this year & this two-piece is just the beginning of it, I promise you. Here's a rundown of what I'm wearing:

⇢ Silky floral top & mint textured skirt two-piece (£23.80, Choies)
⇢ Boyfriend watch (£22, Asos)
⇢ Plain peach flats (£6, Primark) 

Have you started the spring prep or is it too soon?

Disclaimer: I have been kindly given some of these items by Choies. Thank you! 

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