The first step of solving an issue is to admit that you have an issue, right? Let's face it then - I'm not an active person. Every single January I promise myself to go to gym, to start running, to do that 30 day shred. By now I should really know it's not gonna happen - I hate running, I hate jumping, I hate any movement in a higher speed than what's absolutely necessary. So this year I won't promise myself to do any of that - what I shall try though is to put all the effort into healthy eating. On the 1st January I therefore invested in Breville Blend-Active (the coolest smoothie maker ever, no joke) & made my first proper smoothie - the fluorescent Green Lantern smoothie.  

Green Lantern is a proper newbie smoothie - so easy that you just can't screw up & the odd colourage gives it that extra exciting element. What do you need?

⇢ a handful of baby spinach leaves
⇢ a small cup of apple juice
⇢ 1 green apple (preferably sour; cut up into little bits)
⇢ extras: probiotics, multivitamins, fish oil or any other supplements you might be using at the moment  

You just shove everything into your smoothie maker (or any blender you've got on hand) & tadaaaaah - grossly neon green smoothie full of vitamins & energy is ready! As you can see in the picture above, the juice separates eventually if you don't drink it straight away but it's still as yummy as it was to start with. I drink these A LOT - although I'm slowly gettin' into the fundamentals of the smoothie world and started comin' up with some good 'uns (if I say so). I shall be sharing these with you for as long as I have some inspiration & my healthy lifestyle resolution is still on (let's all cross our fingers & toes for me, please).         

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