Bloggin' on the go (with an ipad keyboard)

If you are a blogger AND you also have a full time job (and possibly have a cat, too), then you know that time management is the magic formula of your life. It just ain't easy to balance out your job, your family & friends, some sort of healthy lifestyle, your hobbies and your blog. I've been perfecting the blogging routine for over 2 years now, and finally, finally I'm gettin' somewhere. Based on my experience - the best thing you can do is to get a tablet with a little keyboard & blog from your local caf. LIFE SORTED.  

When I have a day off, I take as many pictures as I can (and as I feel like) and upload them to Blogger. Unfortunately, I don't have time to sit around for the whole day & write up all my posts in advance, I have to do other standard things adults do - laundry, shopping, washing your cat. The following day at work I just nip into Starbucks or hide in the back room for my lunch break & get my bloggin' head on. A little notepad with all my notes, things to do & ideas of the day - tick. Tablet - tick. Tablet keyboard - tick. Install a Blogger app & just type away. 

One of the biggest helpers I've discovered so far is this iPad keyboard case from Kensington - it's absolutely brilliant! It's basically an iPad case, stand and a keyboard at once & connects to your iPad via bluetooth. It's a super simple concept, yet it makes such a massive difference to the blogging routine. Before I got this nifty tool, I could not type on my iPad properly - it'd take me flippin' hours - touch screens have obviously not been made for book writers, ay. The case is rather sleek looking and keeps your iPad safe & sound when you're on the move (you just click the iPad against the case to lock it). Anything that will make my life a bit simpler!

There's a wide range of iPad keyboard cases on the Kensington website & they are not even that costly - mine was $59.99 (works out about £35).      

What's your bloggin' routine?
Do you schedule loads of blog posts on one day or do you just go with the flow?

Disclaimer: I have been kindly gifted the Kensington keyboard case for review purposes. Thank you!

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