That strange attachment to your very first perfume - yeah, that. That's what I've got with Escada. The very first one I had was the Island Kiss, I think, and then I had the Pacific Paradise. The smell so sweet, fruity & summery! *breathes in the memories* The newest addition in my little Escada family is Especially Escada Elixir

Especially Escada Elixir is definitely one of their more grown up fragrances. This fragrance is quite sweet & floral (not as sweet as their fashion fragrances, not at all). I feel like Escada is one of those perfumes which you spritz on in the morning you can smell it for about 5 minutes and then the scent sinks into your skin and you can't smell it on yourself anymore, but others still compliment you on it (if this makes any sense). It's quite a subtle scent, and I'd definitely say it's one to wear on a daily basis. The main notes are definitely roses with a bit of vanilla and plums which make it less 'artificial rose' and more fresh than what you'd expect from a rose perfume.  Oh, and have I mentioned how gorgeous the bottle is? Just look at the golden detailing! *gasps*

You can get this perfume on Fragrance Direct for £28.99 for 30ml (regular price is £34, click here).

Have you already got your Valentine something sweet?
What is it? *whispers curiously* 

Dislaimer: I got this from my mum for my Graduation - thank you! <3