We've already looked at a few St Valentine's gift ideas with Jurlique last week (read here if you haven't). Today it's a little bit more budget -friendly, but just as awesome gift you can give to the woman of your life this year (ya know - your mum, friend, sister, if you're a girl). I honestly don't think there's anything more St-Valentine's-ey than this perfume - the Volare EDP by Oriflame.

Apart from the oh-so awesome bottle (it's a rose perfume.. in a rose bottle, for Christ's sake), it has got a pretty amazing scent to it, too! The scent is quite strong - loads of violets with a hint of roses & marshmallows, I'd say. A super romantic scent, which doesn't last super long, but that's something you can easily forget about while admiring the gorgeous bottle! So so pretty!

You can buy the perfume here for £12.95 (it's currently on offer *hint hint*).

What's the best St Valentine's gift you've ever received?

Disclaimer: I was gifted this perfume for review purposes. Thank you Oriflame!