The V day is fast approaching - booo, what we gonna cook? Cook Your Date Into Bed by Helen Graves is a book that will not only banish your V-day cooking stress, it will also make you laugh and actually give you some pretty simple but right on spot recipes for the lovely dovey day.

Cook Your Date Into Bed is not your regular cookbook, obviously. It's somewhere in-between a serious cookbook and a jokey book you give people for birthdays and Christmases (or St Valentine's, doh!). It's full of funny stories of dates gone brilliant (& bad) and recipes for sexy dishes such as Cherry Focaccia with Goats' Cheese (it sounds SO easy to make, whatever it actually is). I love that the book is full of cutesy illustrations (there's a cat, there's a cat!) and that it offers you cooking alternative to literally any stage of your relationship - from the very first date to a drunken date or a cinema date. It would make a lovely present for your friend, yourself or even your man/woman!

You can get this book here for £9.99.     

What are you cooking this St Valentine's Day?

Disclaimer: This book was given to me for review purposes. Thank you!