Tea pods bistro review

Sick and tired of messy tea bags? There's a new tea trend coming your way - it's called the tea pods. This innovative tea technology, made by a German company, is called Bistro TeaPods, and apparently it's more effective, no mess and no hassle way of preparing your favourite cuppa.    

These super swanky tea pods are made out of tripe laminate food grade foil that remains stable up to 121°C (this is definitely not from my own head, haha!). Basically, they are made out of a heat resistant human-safe foil with hundreds of little holes - this is where your tea gets infused. You place the pod in a cup of hot water, stir it (it goes all really pretty - like in the picture above), you can use it as a spoon and stir in some more sugar and finally - you can place the pod back into its sleeve without messing up the saucer, burning your fingers and leaving tea marks across the table cloth. Voila! Pretty damn cool! 

You can get these on the Bistro tea website here - a carton of 32 pods for £14.60 and you can currently choose from some 11 different flavours. It's a pricier kind of tea, but I'm sure that every tea lover will appreciate a bit of innovation and creativity once in a while! Also, you can get a 15% Pre-Easter discount by clicking here & enter their competition to win a year's supply of TeaPods by clicking here
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Bistro tea pods review

Bistro tea pods review

Disclaimer: I got these sample tea pods for review purposes. Thank you Bistro!